5 How to Apply Natural Stone

natural stone

Installation of natural stone as one of the elements of the house does give the impression that its own for your home. In addition to providing an exclusive, natural stone add beauty and coolness of the house, whether it is used as the exterior or interior of the house. However, the impressions that we want it be otherwise if the type of stone that we will apply in your home is not right.

For the selection of natural stone we have to pay attention to several important factors, such as the type and texture of natural stone, installation pattern and wall area that will be installed natural stone. The use of natural stone that does not comply with the conditions we are going to plug the space will result in a different impression. In addition, the type of natural stone that is not appropriate placement resulted in treatment that we do have to be extra again so the cost will increase. Here are some tips if you want to apply natural stone in your home:

1. Consider the types of natural stone

Types of natural stone is divided into two, namely solid and non-solid. Solid rock types can be applied to the exterior and interior of your home. Solid rock types have a dense texture (not porous). Solid type more resistant to weathering. For non-solid is better if applied to the interior of the house.

2. Customize the style of the house

For a minimalist style house would be more suitable if the use of natural stone with a smooth texture and pattern to the size that is not too wide. For meditteranean style mansion would be better if the use of natural stone with a width or length, be it with a smooth surface texture and uneven.

3. Adjust your budget

Prices vary based on the type of natural stone. For that, you will be free to choose natural stone according to your budget.

4. Materials of natural stone applications

Currently, many found the cement that is devoted to the installation of natural stone. The cement price is relatively more expensive, but the result of the installation of natural stone becomes stronger and maximum. For those of you who want to save on the budget, ordinary cement was also good to use as long as the ratio of cement paste: sand strong, eg 1: 3 or 1: 2 would be a better result.

5. Coating or coating

Customize coating with your natural stone types. For this type of rock such as andesite would be better if you use a gloss coating in order to keep it looking natural stone. For sandstone rock types use a special coating looks natural. And use a special black coating for stone temples and other rock types that you want blacklisted