4 Ways to get rich quick and have lots of homes

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Today gini save just clear baseball enough to add to your financial coffers. Moreover, the interest on savings is much smaller than the monthly administration fees that cut your savings account balance.

Well, so you have a decent future savings, some types of investment options this Rumah.com you can consider. Pssst! If the savings are already a lot of second home buy may, lah.

1. Property

It seems that this is a mandatory investment that should be considered once you have your own income. As much as possible you should have a property for the future. At least if you later need a place to live alone, you already have it.

Property can you use as a business land, for example by changing it into rented or boarding house.

2. Company shares

Some reputable companies sell their shares openly through the capital market. But to buy it you must undergo traning on the Indonesia Stock Exchange and then register yourself and join this community of share owners.

Companies engaged in banking services and basic needs usually have a stable stock prices even tend to always rise.

3. Gold bars

Gold prices are volatile, but this investment is considered the most profitable and safe because it rarely experienced a drastic decline.

Set aside your income to buy gold bullion every month. If collected later gold can be a capital for other larger investments.

4. Become a business type investor

If you do not want to join a business but you want to enjoy the results, try to be an investor. Choose small businesses that others will always need. For example, you provide capital to your friends who will run a business in the field of fashion online.

You also pay for the tailor and the sewing will be sold through the marketplace-using tailor services on a wholesale basis is much cheaper than buying a finished outfit.