4 The Best Laid Mirror at Home

mirror at home

You’ll often hear or read that the mirror is one of the most recommended interior accessories. The application makes the room look spacious, adding charm and distinct impression.

If a mirror is placed in the best place, it will create an optical illusion that is artistic according to the concept of your room. The question is, where is the best place?

It depends on your taste and your creativity. But in general there are 4 best place to put a mirror in the house. Forms and models of the mirror can be adjusted with the theme of the room.

Where are the four premises? Immediately, let’s discuss one by one following.

1. Living Room

This is the location that a lot of thought and applied to put a mirror. No need to hesitate, because the idea of ​​adding a mirror in the living room into one of the best.

The reason, mirrors make the room more spacious and help alleviate the burden of a beautiful arrangement. Its presence makes the atmosphere and the interior of the living room more attractive. For the living room, mirrors and reflectors serve as decoration objects.

2. Aisle

Mirror is also very fitting when placed in the hallway front door or hallway in the house. If the hallway is usually adorned with a photo gallery, ornamental plants and so on, there’s no harm in adding a mirror.

You can put it dealing with furniture or other accessories. Eg flower vases, tables, chairs and others. His reflections will add an artistic impression in the hallway.

3. Kitchen

The kitchen is also the best place to put a mirror. Moreover, if the kitchen in the house is narrow and small. You can create a mirror built-in embedded in kitchen furniture.

The large mirror attached to the ceiling of the kitchen is also effective to make the room more spacious. Or you can also make a big mirror as a replacement full kitchen wall.

4. Bedroom

The privacy of one’s room is very advisable to put a mirror. There are many spots to choose from. For example on the bed to be used as a headboard, built-in furniture, placed standing in the corner of the room and much more.

Mirror type used was varied and not necessarily embedded or attached. For example, you rested two mirrors to stand at a certain angle. To make it more interesting, the mirror can also be decorated or appear hidden in unexpected locations.