3 Simple Ways to Eliminate Smell in Bathroom

Bathroom cleans

Smell in the bathroom can cause discomfort. You as residents will also feel nauseous smell it, especially guests who are borrowing the bathroom.

Of course, to eliminate odor, you should clean the bathroom regularly. But there is a simple way to clean it. You only need to use household materials.

An example is the lemon juice, baking soda and vinegar. The three materials are not only cleaning, but also to make the air in your bathroom to be fresh and does not smell anymore. There is no harm in not try other alternative than to use soap to clean the bathroom!

How to use? Here’s consider a simple way of eliminating odors in the bathroom!

1. Lemon Juice Water

One of the best kitchen ingredients to get rid of the odor in the bathroom is to use lemon juice. Spray the lemon water on the floor and on the toilet bathroom. Then close your bathroom for half an hour. Then after that, the shower rinse with clean water.

2. Baking Soda

You can also use baking soda. The trick, mix baking soda into a basin of water. Then pour onto the floor and the toilet at least 2 times per week. The way it can help you keep the bathroom that did not smell.

3. Vinegar

Additionally you can use vinegar to neutralize the stench in the bathroom. Even vinegar can also help you clean stubborn stains stuck to the floor, toilet or bathroom wall.

You do this by mixing vinegar and water, then pour into the bathroom. Take a few moments, then rinse with clean water.