3 Other Benefits In addition to Tapioca Starch Food Ingredients

cleaning window

Tapioca starch is used as a cake maker. This flour is derived from cassava starch or cassava with the Latin name manihot utilissima. Its existence is commonly sold in small stalls to supermarkets. The price is relatively cheap.

Tapioca commonly found in food. In addition, the starch is also used to create a tasty and crunchy crackers.

But you know, tapioca flour was not only to have a beneficial effect on the food alone, but it also has other benefits that can facilitate everyday human life.

Tremendous benefits of starch makes it a very useful if we know the other functions of this flour. Here are three other benefits of starch for everyday life.

1. Cleaning Glass

Do you have problems with simple dusty glass? You can use starch to overcome this problem. Easy to do! Combine tapioca flour with lemon juice and vinegar, then add enough water. Keep the solution mixture into a spray bottle. Then spray the dusty glass. Wipe with a dry cloth and clean, surely you will come back sparkling glass.

2. Eliminate Remaining Ink On Clothes

Ink spills is one of the toughest stains to clean, both in clothes and fabrics. To eliminate it, mix cassava flour with water and shake until the pasta. Stick it on fabric or clothes are exposed to the ink, and set aside to dry. After that, wash cloth to gently rubbed. The remaining ink will disappear slowly and back clean.

3. Eliminate Odor Shoes

Easily become smelly shoes after wearing the move all day. Tapioca flour can be used as an alternative to eliminate the odor in the shoe.

How, wrap a little starch with a cloth. Then put the package into the shoe. The odor will be absorbed by the starch-wrapped. Remember, dressing tapioca flour least twice a day so that the shoes free of fragrance odor at any time.