The important thing you need to know before renting an apartment


Apartments are now a popular residential alternative, especially for workers and executives. Adequate facilities and location would be a basic consideration. But do not stop there to understand your apartment.

If this is the first time for you to live in an apartment, then there are many things related to the procedures you must know. Staying in an apartment is slightly different if you live in a boarding house or rented house.

As an apartment tenant you must follow the rules of the apartment owner and also the apartment management apartment. Here are some things you should learn when renting an apartment.

Can’t Replace Wall Paint

Yep, many people often misunderstand in this section. Be aware that most rental apartments make arrangements for the apartments to be returned to normal conditions as they were when the lease expired.

Although you are renting for 1-2 years. To outsmart not to get bored You can use wallpaper or add some wall hangings, but you should first communicate with the owner of the apartment.

When renting most owners apply a deposit at the start of the lease. In case of damage the deposit will not be refunded.

Managing Plants and Waste

Usually the apartment side will provide a public trash for the owner of the apartment. Some apartments separate types of organic and inorganic waste. For the maintenance of plants, the apartment usually does not provide land for it. You can outsmart by creating a garden on a balcony or a vertical garden.

Know What Facility You Get

Find out what facilities you will get after becoming an apartment dweller. Most apartments have additional facilities such as swimming pool, gym, laundry service, and more.

You must know whether the use of these facilities will incur additional charges. You can ask that in the building management section.

Parking area

One parking area is crucial for tenants, especially if you have a private vehicle. Generally the apartments only provide a one slot parking facility for each type of vehicle.

Find out if parking facilities for residents are free or chargeable. If paid, try to subscribe monthly. Immediately register to the caretaker board.

The subscription price is much cheaper than the daily rate. While for guests who visit provided a special parking area.

Adjust Budget

Before renting an apartment, do the calculations. Adjust to your budget. Do not rent an apartment beyond the limits of ability, simply because tempted to stay in a more luxurious apartment. Make sure the price incurred is proportional to the facilities you will get.