Confused Wants to Buy a House or Car? Determine Priorities!

Car or Home

Dilemma commonly faced young middle-class people are when it comes time they should be faced with the choice between buying a car or house. It must be recognized both are equally important and equally also need funds to be able to have it.

On the one hand, now many of the convenience offered to a home or car. Call it the start of the Government’s policy, which is getting lighter DP rules, until the policy cheap car known as LCGC (Low Cost Green Car). Not to mention the competition between the developer and the car manufacturers (sole agent) which would normally benefit consumers through the provision of discounts plus an interesting gimmick.

But if you weigh based capabilities such as factor requirements, financial condition, as well as planning ahead, of course, there must be defeated. And in order to allow you to determine the priority, which must be purchased first, consider the following points :

If you want a car first

  • Consider how much you will need a car. Whether the car is used only for mobility or to seek additional income?
  • If only for the workplace, whether there are other alternatives such as shuttle facilities provided office or possibly with public transport?
  • When the car is intended as a source of income, then learn and calculate carefully the potential benefits that can be obtained. Are able to close the mortgage and maintenance costs incurred?
  • In addition to the need, you also need to make sure your financial condition and also the price of the desired car. Is your fund is enough to make a down payment and the mortgage?

If you want a home first

  • The first thing to consider is whether the house is really already a requirement or simply as an investment?
  • For new couples, consideration of staying at home or parents-in-law for the time being can be used to save as much considering the price of the house many times larger than the car.
  • Calculate carefully your ability to pay for a house down payment and monthly installments. Make sure not to disturb the other needs are also important.
  • Adjust also with planning the future, if you are already planning to settle in place or is still possible to move? Well, if you are already determined to settle, then you can decide to buy a home as a permanent residence at that location.

Well, the choice to buy a car or first home is back on the needs of each person. But be aware, given the sizeable funds required, the purchase of the house or the car will obviously be consequences for your finances.