Effective Tips for Property in an Exhibition

tips buy home and house

For those of you who were looking for a home, there are various ways to get the reference. For example, you can use the search portal site or directly browse the desired location of the house.

Do not forget, there is one other way to get information about the house, which went to the property exhibition.

Fairs are typically held within a certain time by the parties concerned, for example the government, the developer or the bank.

Then how so that you find the home that fits the criteria during the exhibition?

1. Determine your budget and the type of home

Before visiting the exhibition, you need to prepare in advance the budget to buy a house. In the exhibition, the price range can vary widely.

By determining the budget, you can focus on searching for the appropriate type of dwelling. Because, many developers offer a low down payment, but a large mortgage.

2. Locate

Well, after you’ve prepared the budget, specify the location as needed. Do you want a home that is close to the work place? Do you want a house close to her parents or in-laws? Or do you want a home with a strategic infrastructure that supports?

Should think about this before you go to the exhibition. Because, just like the price, the location offered at the exhibition are very diverse. If you do not specify from the start, you will be confused to choose the desired house.

3. Home pivot or house

Not all home projects offered during the exhibition, a house that is so. Some developers choose to wait a number of consumers to buy in advance, the new building houses, or so-called pivot.

Houses pivot, usually much cheaper than later on when it’s finished. If you do intend to occupy the home or put in some time to come, buy pivot is the right choice without having to force myself to buy a house that is so.

However, keep in mind, buying a house pivot like buying a “dream”. You have not seen how the house before it is built. Even imaginary picture of still images.

4. Consider the reputation of the developer

During the exhibition, the developer or property manager who participate, the number could be more than a hundred. Starting from developer landless, to large developers. Small developers, usually only have housing in specific locations. While big developers, marked by numerous projects spanning other areas.

The bigger the developer, the more assured your money, if it should purchase pivot. Developer whose name was great, usually not in doubt although his house has not been built.

When you know the track record of the developer, this will also allow you to search for a booth during the exhibition. Know a list of exhibitors and you can go straight to the developer booth without having to spin.

5. Prepare files

If you buy a home in installments through the Home Ownership Loan, you need to set up and carry the necessary paperwork. The document, among others, the husband and wife color photographs, photocopy of ID card, photocopy of Family Card, a photocopy of marriage certificate (for married), a photocopy of a savings account, a photocopy of Taxpayer Identification Number, and payslips for employees or the financial statements for the entrepreneur.

6. Prepare the effort and take the time

Setting up energy and time, it is important when you want to come to the exhibition. Imagine if you had to go around a hundred booths during the exhibition. Then the span of one to two hours, will not be enough.

Because it takes a long time to go around the exhibition stands, you could spend some special time while off work, for example, Saturday or Sunday. While visiting the exhibition, you are also advised to armed with drinking water.

7. With couple

If you are a person who has a family, it is better invite your partner to discuss. You and your partner can also remind each other when tempted by the lure of instant prizes during the exhibition.

8. Don’t be a quitter

Not easy to find a home in accordance with the criteria and the budget that has been prepared. Many people who have repeatedly come to the exhibition, but have not found the home of her dreams.

The key, do not quickly give up if the first experiment you visit the exhibition, did not immediately get home.

The decor is Wrong Make Visible Messy House

interior decoration

For most people, the activity of home decorating can be a fun activity. Moreover, if you really want to make changes in the house.

However, sometimes a lot of people who do it excessive that actually make homes look cluttered. And listed the mistakes that are often made when decorating.

Follow the advice below to make your home look beautiful once decorated.

1. Keep furniture away from the wall

Some experts advise to put the furniture to the wall apart. However, if all the furniture is in the middle of the room, and nothing stuck to the wall, it will make the room look cluttered with irregular arrangement.

Should give the distance between the furniture and the wall of the appropriate size.

2. Hanging pictures on the wall

Another decorating tips are usually recommended is putting a picture with a symmetrical arrangement on one wall of the house. But if too many photos and pictures were hung will make the house look full.

Limit the number of photos or pictures hung. Select one side of the wall and stacking them neatly to beautify the room.

3. Size of diverse furniture

Although many interior design sites that provide tips put furniture in various sizes, but if you are an expert put it then it will make the room become unbalanced.

A room is more unsightly if the size furniture is balanced.

4. The use of a seat cushion

Using a cushion pillowcase has a unique motif can also enhance your living room. However, if the seat cushion used is too thin or deflated it will make the home look untidy.

Bloating pillow by way of patting it every morning. The room will look more fresh and clean.

5. Set up a storage area in the kitchen

The kitchen is messy and disorganized clearly makes the house look untidy. Also avoid buying container with various colors and sizes. And you should use one color with some kind of size and stacking them neatly on the kitchen cabinets.

Neat kitchen will make you more passion when cooking.

6. Decorate the entrance

Many experts recommend to decorate and create a space after the entrance as the first place to welcome the guests. Take advantage of this room as a place to store items such as jackets or keys. But make sure the room is always neat and organized.

7. Boxes and baskets to store goods

The bloggers were advised to use the boxes and baskets so that the house be look presentable. But do not let the boxes and baskets used for storing various items at once.

Add a name tag on each basket so that you (or anyone else) to know what the corresponding goods are stored at the site.

Incorporating Your Hobbies Into Your Interior Design


When it comes to interior design, the only hard rule is that you have to love it. After all, your living environment should reflect your personality. Incorporate your hobbies into your decorating scheme, to ensure you will right at home every time you step over the threshold.

Renovate Your Spare Room

Many people automatically turn an extra room into a home office space, guest bedroom, or storage area. The problem is that not everybody needs a space to work from home, has visitors who spend the night (or, at least, not guests who need an actual room to crash in), and many want to clear the clutter out of their lives, not add to it. You do not need to follow typical customs with this one. Transform that space into a room you actually utilize, rather than avoid. Sell or trade any existing furniture for pieces you need, to add more wiggle room in your renovation budget. Make sure to check with your local government to learn about any permits your regulations you need to follow if your project involves electricity, plumbing, removing or building any walls, or any bigger than just cosmetics and new furniture.

Carve Out a Nook or Corner of Your Own

If you do not have an entire extra room to incorporate your hobbies into your interior design plans, rearrange the area you do have to carve out enough space to house your interests in your home. For example, if you have a larger living room with multiple seating areas, take out a few chairs, tables, and other furniture pieces to put your kiln and potter’s wheel in the corner. Store your pottery clay, carving tools, and other supplies in a custom cabinet made to the exact dimensions of the corresponding wall space. No matter what your passion is, make sure you follow any safety guidelines, such as the right grade of insulating firebrick for a kiln. If your hobby involves chemicals, take care of your health by creating your workspace near windows or put in a fan for ventilation purposes.

Even if the space you have to incorporate your hobbies into your interior design plan is on the smaller side, research tricks for decorating small spaces. For example, think up instead of out when planning the layout of the room, and bring in taller storage pieces that do not take up as much flooring square footage. With careful consideration, you can transform any abode into a home that houses your passions.

Tips for Choosing the Ideal Home

new house

If during the principles used in choosing a home is locations, now there is another perspective that also you should know.

You must consider many things before buying a home, not just because the price is not cheap, but also because it will occupy the house for a long period.

The location is so the main consideration in buying a home. But before doing contract of sale, do not forget also some other aspects.

The developer offers two types of homes that the house is ready for habitation (ready stock) and indent (new homes built after the contract of sale). Each has advantages and disadvantages.

If the house is ready for habitation, usually you will be calmer. Therefore, the original form of the house was visible so it will be easier to convince the bank.

In addition, you do not have to wait long, and can directly be placed immediately. Although the form of the house is visible, you can not ensure the material truth home.

While the advantages of home indent, you can still watching from the first stage to the end. Can even request additional home design.

However, concerns are also shackled during the set time of completion. Feared would spend more time than expected.

Here’s a formula that could be a reference you in choosing your dream house, among others, legality, location, environment, and logic,

1. Legality

Generally, people are now looking for properties (especially houses) that have the status Certificate of Property Rights.

Things you need to know is that the ownership of land that can be financed with bank installments.

That is, make sure you buy a home with status Properties. Both status is exactly what will be accepted by the bank.

If you buy a house with form, inevitably you have to register to owner.

2. Location

The second way is to choose the location. In considering the location, you should consider three things to look at strategic locations such as the suitable designation, easy access, and prospective.

There is a saying that finding a home just like to find a mate. Not only from the physical manifestation of his home course but also includes use instinct or feeling.

Later, there will be explained on the location of the current housing and housing prospects for the future, consideration of the development of infrastructure such as public facilities and spatial.

3. Environment

If a location is common, more specific environment. Adjust the environment to your needs.

For example, if you have kids childhood, try to stay in an environment with people who have children the same age. Avoid staying in a neighborhood inhabited retired.

Because the child needs peers who could be invited to play for the growth process.

In addition, consider also the safety. Whether the house is located on the edge of the highway or a little further inside. The house on the edge of the highway is less suitable for families with children aged childhood. Consider also a matter of security systems.

Another thing that must be considered in the environmental aspect is infrastructure, such as the distance to the educational, health, shopping, and entertainment.

Occupancy safe and complete dream has yet to be said. You should also pay attention to the beauty of a home atmosphere and a green, wide roads, drainage or sanitation systems and the potential disasters such as floods.

In essence, in consideration of the environment, you must prioritize your comfort in running the daily routine. Do not let your routine will be hampered.

4. Logic

Last is to use your logic in choosing home be purchased. Usually the developer will issue sharpshooter moves to build trust consumers to immediately purchase merchandise their home.

Developers do marketing the excess legitimate. Now, just your decision. Be the prospective buyers who did not immediately believe to lure developers.