Tricks to make become comfortable Work Desk


Can not be denied if the place your most time-both at work and at home-is the workbench. Yes, like it or not working table can be regarded as your favorite area.

Work desk rarely trimmed and cleaned, even to the dusty, it will interfere with your health. And, if you want to stay productive while working, make sure you run the following addresses at the front desk.

Check the position of the computer

Computer or laptop should be in the middle of the desk, so you do not have to tilt seating position and your head.

The top of the monitor should also be aligned with your eye line so that when you type or see the center of the screen, position in the bottom line of your eyes. This is to prevent you from looking up or too down when viewing the screen.

Position to look up and down will cause neck pain.

Choose ergonomic chair

Working while sitting on a sofa or loveseat just convenient for 5 minutes, after that you will feel your shoulders and buttocks become sore. You should not sit cross-legged, as it will make you bend so that the neck becomes stiff.

Do not be stingy to buy a comfortable work chair. Choose a chair that the holder parallel to the knee so that the soles of your feet touch the floor fitting.

Be sure to have backrest upright and have arm rests to support your elbows during the work. Office chair without armrests will make a quick shoulder muscle weakness.

Add color shade

Some colors that give the impression of cold, for example blue, turqois, and green will make your eyes more relaxed. Does not mean you have to use a laptop purple or blue, but simply add a touch of color are at your table.

For example, a photo frame in blue, green or point pens. When viewing these colors, your eye muscles will not taut.

Prepare infused water

Although there are no studies that prove infused water to remove toxins in your body, your eyes will be minimal refreshed when he saw a bottle of cold water plus a piece of fruit.

Water does give the effect of reducing the tension and emotion, so adding a water element in the workbench will make you better able to think clearly.

Rather than presenting a mini-aquarium that you risk a bumper-better if you put a bottle or jar containing infused water, right? Drink every 5-10 minutes to prevent dehydration.

Use the reading light

When you look at a computer screen, the lighting of the room is sufficient. But, when you read books or newspapers-especially if the night-turn on a table lamp.

Whenever you get older, you need lighting that is greater than ever before. For example, when you enter the age of 40 years, meaning you need lighting two times greater than when you are 20 years of age.

Keep out of the kitchen

Workbench should not be in a busy area, such as a kitchen, a corridor between the bedroom or living room.

Instead, you put it in the room that actually make a work desk are forced to face the wall-that-bad feng shui better place work desk in the room alone.

The rooms were too crowded atmosphere will make your attention split and trouble concentrating.