4 The Best Laid Mirror at Home

mirror at home

You’ll often hear or read that the mirror is one of the most recommended interior accessories. The application makes the room look spacious, adding charm and distinct impression.

If a mirror is placed in the best place, it will create an optical illusion that is artistic according to the concept of your room. The question is, where is the best place?

It depends on your taste and your creativity. But in general there are 4 best place to put a mirror in the house. Forms and models of the mirror can be adjusted with the theme of the room.

Where are the four premises? Immediately, let’s discuss one by one following.

1. Living Room

This is the location that a lot of thought and applied to put a mirror. No need to hesitate, because the idea of ​​adding a mirror in the living room into one of the best.

The reason, mirrors make the room more spacious and help alleviate the burden of a beautiful arrangement. Its presence makes the atmosphere and the interior of the living room more attractive. For the living room, mirrors and reflectors serve as decoration objects.

2. Aisle

Mirror is also very fitting when placed in the hallway front door or hallway in the house. If the hallway is usually adorned with a photo gallery, ornamental plants and so on, there’s no harm in adding a mirror.

You can put it dealing with furniture or other accessories. Eg flower vases, tables, chairs and others. His reflections will add an artistic impression in the hallway.

3. Kitchen

The kitchen is also the best place to put a mirror. Moreover, if the kitchen in the house is narrow and small. You can create a mirror built-in embedded in kitchen furniture.

The large mirror attached to the ceiling of the kitchen is also effective to make the room more spacious. Or you can also make a big mirror as a replacement full kitchen wall.

4. Bedroom

The privacy of one’s room is very advisable to put a mirror. There are many spots to choose from. For example on the bed to be used as a headboard, built-in furniture, placed standing in the corner of the room and much more.

Mirror type used was varied and not necessarily embedded or attached. For example, you rested two mirrors to stand at a certain angle. To make it more interesting, the mirror can also be decorated or appear hidden in unexpected locations.

How to Divide Confined Space Without Walls

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Typically, separates the room is done by building a wall. The room need to be separated to create privacy or comfort. However, when the area of ​​the house is not too big, or you live in an apartment, dividing the room is quite difficult.

Here are some ways around the room sharing without using a wall.

1. The glass wall

A transparent wall allows limited room without making the room being cramped.

2. Bookshelf

Separate the two rooms using bookshelves that are not too high up to the ceiling. This method is effective to divide the room but still creates an open space.

3. Table bar

Using the bar as a divider between the kitchen and the room, is a way that is quite popular today. Complete the bar with high stools typical.

4. Cabinet

Of course, in addition to the bookshelf, you can separate the room to use a cabinet that also serves as storage space.

5. Tables counter

If the cabinets are too large to be used as a barrier, you could use a counter. This table is usually placed in the kitchen, but try to use it as a divider between the dining room and drawing room or family room.

6. The sliding door

Without the wall, you can separate the two rooms using sliding doors

Smart Tips on Selecting Roof House


The house is a building that is in desire by many people, because of our resting place after after doing the activity and shelter from the heat and the cold rain. Of course, that we are comfortable with our occupancy, we certainly will do anything and whatever money we have to spend to make our homes to be comfortable.

The roof of one house foundation that we must address as well, because the roof of the house is a tool that keeps us from the scorching sun and the shade of the water in the rain, the roof could also be an addition to the exterior of the house.

On this occasion I will explain and give some tips intelligently selects the roof, with the following tips:

  1. Seeing the state of the weather and the temperature around the home environment. Before determining what type of roof you will use, it helps you adjust it first with the environmental conditions surrounding your house because the material on the roof greatly affect the durability when used later.

2. Check the type of roof installation. The market there are two types of roofs are sold such roofs are easy to install and difficult to install. And it’s good when you want to perform the installer should use experts such as roofing companies in Minnesota in the installation of the roof of the house, because in addition to fast installation time they already know the installation procedure that is safe and suitable for the type of roofing installed in your home.

3. The quality of materials is the most important thing. We recommend that when you want to buy a good idea to consult your roof or ask in advance when to buy, what you choose roof was made of good quality or not.

And maybe it’s just that I can say in choosing smart tips roofs, hopefully with these tips can help you in choosing the roof in accordance with your wishes.

Creepy fact Rarely bed linen Mattress Replacement

bed linen mattres

Perhaps you already know that the bed linen mattress should be replaced frequently. But if you often lazy to replace it with the presumption that the bed linen is not dirty.

There are many horrible facts about the bed linen if you do not often replace. Even though you still look clean sheets, it can become a dirty place for you.

What are the contents of your bed linen? Microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria can live there. Not to mention, animal dust, pollen, soil, clothing fibers, skin cells, and body secretions of activity screwing mattress.

In other words, your mattress is very dirty. Although you claimed was a clean person, your body naturally produces 26 gallons of sweat on mattresses annually.

This makes the mattress is an ideal place for fungi to grow. In fact, feather and synthetic pillows from 1.5 to 20 years old may contain 4-17 different species of fungi.

In addition, small animals such as mites invisible also targeting under your mattress. They can give allergic reactions such as sneezing and itching of the skin.

If you have a habit of eating in bed, perhaps after knowing this you have to break the habit. Therefore, this habit can attract animals such as cockroaches and ants to come into the mattress.

So how often do you have to change the sheets? Once a week is the ideal time to minimize the growth of fungi and other microorganisms.

7 Important Things Before Becoming Interior Designers

important things before becoming interior designers, interior designers faced challenges

Before making a choice to be a designer, there are a few things you need to know about the world of design. Some of them are challenges typically encountered by interior designers every day. Consider the following:

1. decorators and designers of different

The biggest difference between decorators and designers are in terms of education. Almost everyone can be a decorator. Someone who likes to play with colors, fabrics and textiles, can easily become a decorator by printing business cards and promote himself to his client.

Of course, it’s not a bad thing. Only, educational background is also required.

Meanwhile, the interior designer should at least have an accredited educational. An interior designer must have an undergraduate certificate or equivalent to work in the field of interior design.

2. You have the talent to design?

To become an interior designer, you have to have the talent for color, spatial arrangement, architecture and textiles.

Just because you love your home, taking credit for your decorations, and people think that you have done with a good decorating, ideal does not mean you become an interior designer. However, it can be said as a first step.

3. The interior design is not just about the fabric and color arrangement

The interior designer must have knowledge on the design, structural integrity of the building and also aware of the regulations, ergonomics, spatial concepts, ethics, psychology, and others.

All the capability is needed because the designers not only work with homeowners, but also with architects, contractors, government policy, and business owners. To become an interior designer, one must be very well educated and work with discipline.

4. You must be a social creature

An interior designer is a person who knows how to communicate and even read someone’s mind. Successful designers can steer their clients toward a good outcome rooms, while the clients feel that they are in control design options.

5. Develop a portfolio

Picture explains more than just words. Portfolio show your design and your previous project.

So, when someone has just graduated or are just about to jump in the world of design, you could offer a free service to your clients.

6. High Competition

The key to success as an interior designer is to make yourself recognized a lot of people. Another key is that additional education. The more you know, the better you are in the design.

Consider also to look at future trends, such as population growth, the design for the elderly, modern architecture, and environmentally friendly design. You can also read books design, communicate with other designers, and follow a mentor.

7. It’s not about your style!

It is important to remember, that you are working for someone. For that, you must return to the client the choice of design.

Just because you have a sense of good design, does not mean that your choice will always be preferred by the client. The interior designer should be able to provide choices of design and directing clients to the right choice.

Colors Giver Happiness

Color giver of happiness

Color does give the impression of interest for a variety of things and can liven things up. In addition, the color can also draw attention to the viewer as well as pleasing to the eye that sees. A building if it has no color will give the impression of not appealing to the eye. Therefore, the color of the interior is also very important for the beauty of your home.

Did you know that the color of the interior also can provide happiness in your home. Color can also liven up your home and create a good mood for the residents if you can take advantage of the color according to the interior of the room in your house. You should choose the right paint for your room.

Now available 15 types of colors that can transform your home into a cheerful room. Including the following:

Creating a nice dinner

In this case, you can use red color in the dining room or your kitchen space. The color red has the impression of encouraging, stimulating energy, increase the excitement, liveliness share for activity, and can stimulate appetite, so it is perfect to use in the kitchen or dining room. In addition, the red color also arouse your appetite, so you will be excited to eat in the dining room.

Excite your love life

To excite the life of love and harmony so that your household, you can choose the color of your bedroom interior with purple. This purple color is very suitable for the bedroom of husband and wife as it can excite love life married couples in bed. In addition, the color purple also provide comfort for sleeping because it can reflect light very well. Based on a study indicates that in 2000 the couple with the bedroom purple tend to be more frequent sex within a week.

Turning on the Light Young

The dominant color gives the impression of a young child that is color pink. Pink color is also very suitable for all skin colors and can spread the aura you look younger. The color pink is known as a gentle and cheerful colors so as to create the spirit of your youth, and can improve your mood. The color pink is also suitable for the bathroom so when you come out of the shower, you will live a youthful glow back.

Create a spirit of doing things faster

If you want to do something faster you can use the color green interior on your workspace. Because the green color can evoke your concentration to more quickly resolve anything.


The rooms which have the impression of relaxation can make you feel comfortable and happy. To make it happen, you can simulate the color blue interior. The blue color is very suitable for the living room of your home. So guests who visit your house also feel the comfort of your home visit.