Clean and Colors Brighten Carpets with Tea Powder

To Do Before Vacationing

Since the beginning, the tea is famous for health properties. Various teas such as preventing cancer, stabilize blood pressure, keep the memory up to lose weight. But you know if the tea can also be used to treat and clean the house?

Tea contains isoflavone compounds that turned out to have benefits for treating and cleaning the carpets in the house. Curious how? Refer to the discussion of more of the following:

Carpet Cleaning

Long carpet will create dust and the musty smell that bad. Cleaning the detergent can damage the carpet with fur rugs, whereas if only clean with a vacuum cleaner, it will not be able remove musty smell. Leaf tea can do both at once.

How to clean the dust and the smell of stale altogether by way of the tea leaf powder sprinkled onto the surface of the carpet. Let stand for 15 to 20 minutes. Then clean with a vacuum cleaner. Carpet will be clean from dust at the same musty smell.

Brighten Color Carpet

In addition it can be used to clean carpets, tea was also served to lighten the color of the carpets are faded because too often in the wash or used. You can use tea leaves to restore the color of the carpet has faded already mentioned.

You only need to make a powder mixture of tea leaves with powdered salt. After you mix the two types of this substance, then the next step that you can take the powder is sprinkled on the carpet faded. Let stand 15 to 20 minutes. Then the next, you just clean the mixture of the two materials with a vacuum cleaner, or with a soft brush clothes.

Do this regularly every two weeks. Believe it or not, the color of your carpet will gradually return to normal

Practical Tips House Moving

house moving tips

There are a number of reasons that cause some people to move residence, both houses and apartments. Often, the process of moving house or apartment becomes more troublesome.

The activity also raises new questions. such as, what are prepared during the process of moving house or apartment last? Any problems that may occur and how to solve them?

So, to avoid all the problems above, the following practical tips for moving house or apartment that does not take a lot of time and energy.


Make sure the goods are put into cardboard distinguished by room. For example, provide some boxes for the items located in the main room and separate them with stuff in the living room and others.


Give a description or label each box, so that when released to be put into the room in a new house or apartment will be directly laid out.

Check Size

Each furniture is not always in the form of small, for example, large furniture such as cabinets and bed linen. Instead, make sure the size of the door that will be used to enter goods into the room adequate.

Delivery frequency

Make sure the time is right when moving house. This may be trivial. However, just imagine when moving in the rainy season, the delivery of goods will have problems. Try to adjust the amount of shipping the goods.

Try to Break

Do not force yourself to draining while packing the goods from the old home to the new residence. Try to rest and not be hasty in laying goods. Pause time off will restore energy while continuing realignment.

Reforming inspiration Terrace Small house


Not a few people who complained about the size of a small terrace house because it limits the space and decor. However, owning a home with a small patio that doesn’t mean to make you lose creativity to beautify.

Typically, residents of the house just put one or two chairs and a small table on the porch. In fact, patio decor should not appear unusual as it is. You can change it for the better.

Remove any ideas and creativity to suit your taste. Do not be limited by the shape and decoration porch others. Make a small patio in your home attractive and become your favorite place to relax or to receive guests.

Without you knowing it, there are many ideas that you can apply in decorating a small patio in your home. And here are some inspiring tips to organize your home terraces are small so it appears more beautiful.

1. Place Flower Pot Medium Sized

Put a medium-sized flower pot in front of the house. Preferably the plants are grown in pots is a flower that has a fragrant aroma and a beautiful shape. Put some pots alone and do not be too many plants because it will only cover your front porch.

2. Planting Trees In Front Angle Terrace

When the front porch of your house there is a small yard, then you can plant one or two ornamental trees are of medium height in the corner of the porch of your house. Thus, in view of the small terrace you will look beautiful and shady.

3. Place Furniture Interesting And Unique

After that, you can put some furniture are medium-sized and have interesting carvings, such as sofas from rattan or wooden table next to a flower pot is unique in earlier.

Now you are ready to welcome guests in your home with a small patio more comfortable.

Building a Child-Friendly House

child friendly house

For every parent wants to give the best to the children ranging from housing, education and health. One concern to parents is to build a child-friendly house. With kid-friendly home, parents can give the best protection to children.

Child-friendly home can be derived from various sides. The house is located in a narrow area, the design of the house should open plan so it is not too much insulation. The open space makes the spaces in the house so there is more fluid interaction. Suppose the living room and dining together.

If the narrow area and not open to restrict the movement of the child. Though children are basically naturally love to play and move. Try to open space for children to move freely. Little as possible reduce the bulkhead.

Not only the designs are so considerate. Materials to build a child-friendly house is also noteworthy. One of the things considered material to build a house that is material finish, one of them paint the walls. select a paint that can be cleaned. When children write off the wall, and the child’s hand dirty then better choose the wall paint is easy to clean.

Moreover apply it, especially in the circulation is quite high. Children love to hold the walls when climbing stairs, and I use this experience for the paint and the area has now become long lasting beautiful area.

So you are ready to build a child-friendly house?