Easy Ways to Improve Air Quality in the Home


YouGov survey shows that 81 percent of us are at risk of respiratory or dermatological disorders due to poor air quality in the home.

“Toxic home syndrome occurs when a family exposed to a mixture of air pollutants. These pollutants arise from a poor home ventilation and increase the risk of respiratory and skin diseases, “said professor of allergy and respiratory expert at Southampton University, Peter Howarth.

Here are some tips from Peter to reduce the risk of the disease in your home:

Learn some options Ventilation

Ventilation create air circulation in your home smoothly. You can consider for household use mechanical ventilation system, which provides clean air or active ventilation as an extractor fan or exhaust fan. In the bathroom, in particular, need an active ventilation to keep them dry. Because, this place is an essential place for the fungus to grow.

Use environmentally friendly products

Everyday cleaning products usually contain chemicals known as volatile organic compounds. These compounds are harmful to the health of your breathing.

Avoid the use of carpet

Carpets can be a hiding place for dust, dirt, bacteria, or pet dander. Dirt that sticks is usually difficult to remove and potentially damaging the air quality of your home. In addition, you and your family are also threatened by allergies.

Pat dry your clothes outside

You can also make sure the windows open when forced to hang in the house. This can reduce the organic compounds in the room.

Remove your shoes

Do not guess, shoes that do not leave traces on the floor of your house really clean from dirt. Because, shoes from outside carrying bacteria from soil.

5 How to Apply Natural Stone

natural stone

Installation of natural stone as one of the elements of the house does give the impression that its own for your home. In addition to providing an exclusive, natural stone add beauty and coolness of the house, whether it is used as the exterior or interior of the house. However, the impressions that we want it be otherwise if the type of stone that we will apply in your home is not right.

For the selection of natural stone we have to pay attention to several important factors, such as the type and texture of natural stone, installation pattern and wall area that will be installed natural stone. The use of natural stone that does not comply with the conditions we are going to plug the space will result in a different impression. In addition, the type of natural stone that is not appropriate placement resulted in treatment that we do have to be extra again so the cost will increase. Here are some tips if you want to apply natural stone in your home:

1. Consider the types of natural stone

Types of natural stone is divided into two, namely solid and non-solid. Solid rock types can be applied to the exterior and interior of your home. Solid rock types have a dense texture (not porous). Solid type more resistant to weathering. For non-solid is better if applied to the interior of the house.

2. Customize the style of the house

For a minimalist style house would be more suitable if the use of natural stone with a smooth texture and pattern to the size that is not too wide. For meditteranean style mansion would be better if the use of natural stone with a width or length, be it with a smooth surface texture and uneven.

3. Adjust your budget

Prices vary based on the type of natural stone. For that, you will be free to choose natural stone according to your budget.

4. Materials of natural stone applications

Currently, many found the cement that is devoted to the installation of natural stone. The cement price is relatively more expensive, but the result of the installation of natural stone becomes stronger and maximum. For those of you who want to save on the budget, ordinary cement was also good to use as long as the ratio of cement paste: sand strong, eg 1: 3 or 1: 2 would be a better result.

5. Coating or coating

Customize coating with your natural stone types. For this type of rock such as andesite would be better if you use a gloss coating in order to keep it looking natural stone. For sandstone rock types use a special coating looks natural. And use a special black coating for stone temples and other rock types that you want blacklisted

Tips to Find a Good Office Space

office room

The office space is a place for us to perform daily work activities. Thus the search for good office space and the right is an important decision. Office space must be able to support all of our work, both in terms of comfort and so on. In this article I will give you some tips on how to find the right office space for your business.

Ways and tips on looking good office space.

1. Design a comfortable office space.

We worked all day at the office, to the design of a comfortable office essential. Due to the design of a comfortable office space, we will feel enjoy in doing the work. Of course things like this will add creativity and can improve the results of our work over the maximum. So choose a comfortable office space design. It must be remembered, is not meant to be luxurious comfortable.

2. The strategic location of office space.

Location of office space into other important factors. Choose office space located in a strategic location. Due to its strategic location is usually visited by many people. Of course this will be very beneficial for the development of your business. It usually office space with a strategic location has a sale price or rent expensive. But with an expensive investment, it will be replaced with a large income for your company in the future.

3. Means of supporting a complete office.

Check beforehand existing infrastructure in the office. As with any bank, food court, a place of worship and others. with complete supporting facilities, it also can help us in performing work activities. So we did not have far to go to a bank or go to the food court for lunch. So make sure beforehand, that means complete support in the office.

4. The office location is easily reached.

Office location that is easily accessible by public transport into other considerations. Office must be located in an easily accessible location, to facilitate clients or customers visiting your office. Find out if your office location will be passed by a lot of different types of transport modes.

5. Adjust your budget.

The latter is to choose the right office space with your budget. Adjust the rental price and the monthly cost by the amount of budget you have. Do not rent a nice office space if your budget is inadequate. Select the main criteria alone office space, most importantly your budget is sufficient.

So a few tips in finding a nice office space that I can share to you. Because choosing a good office space and right into the most important part of your business. Hopefully this article can be useful to you, in finding office space comfortable and good to support your business.

Nuance Create A Healthy Home

healthy house

Porch or vestibule of having an important role in a dwelling. To be able to create a veranda that meets the criteria of health and function, need to do a few steps. Anything?

A few more tips:

1. In order for the wall space with important functions do not stick together and avoid the problem of lack of air circulation and gets good sunlight, you can create a space between without a roof in the main room in the building give a transparent roof for the space between this so that sunlight can penetrate .

2. If the land is narrow and the front of your home may not be made open, position the back porch in occupancy. Land planted with ornamental plants in order to greener atmosphere. Relax in this area can certainly remove fatigue.

3. Want veranda which all sides are open? You can create a field box and holed the other three sides. Leave one side of a massive field and orient your home furnishings to this field.

4. If you have limited land area trying to create the veranda at the top of the building. The empty space above the actual building potential to be exploited. You can get fresh air, sunshine, and roomy enough land as a place to relax

Tips on Choosing Pouf In The Narrow Living Room


When thinking of sitting facilities for living room, automatically thought we would float on the couch. Whereas many other options that could be considered. Examples pouf very suitable placed in a small space.

With sizes ranging from 30 sm x 30 cm to 45 cm X 45 cm, pouf can meet the functional requirements while saving space.

Pouf look aesthetically appealing. Pouf usually in the form of a cube or sphere with a variety of attractive colors.

For the room look more compact and neat, pouf can be hidden under the table. There are several manufacturers that sell a low table set with mini-sized. Remove pouf when needed, and then back into it when guests finished a visit.