Alternative Materials, Efficient Solutions Build Houses

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Having a private home is the dream of everyone, but the high cost is the main obstacle in realizing that dream. Choosing an alternative material is a solution to reduce the cost in building their own homes. Thus realizing the dream of building a house to be cheap.

Alternative material is material as a substitute material often used for this, even for Quality not inferior to the material that has been used. Because the alternative material that will be discussed at this time is article materials results of the latest technological development. In addition to reducing costs in building the house, alternative materials can also help conserve nature or can be environmentally friendly.

Here is an alternative material as a solution to build a house cheap widened without reducing the quality of the building and aesthetic design, and even eco-friendly.

1. Lightweight steel roof instead of wood.

Besides cheaper than using wood as a roof truss advantage of lightweight steel roof truss is also a solution to address the problem of termites on the roof of the house because it uses steel materials CRC (cold rolled coil) that have a high quality (tensile strength of 550 MPa) with the main profile form C or form of Omega. With a lightweight use steel roof then we had to preserve the forest, because it reduces the demand for wood.

2. Aluminum frames instead of wood frame.

The use of aluminum frame is known identical with offices and shops, the now many models that resemble wood so it is suitable for use in homes.

2. Ceramic Concrete instead of concrete.

Ceramic Concrete or commonly called the palace could be a solution for you which wishing home or multi-storey buildings with low cost. Strength concrete tile has been tested and no doubt. By relying on the power of attraction of iron, ceramic concrete way power produced is not inferior to the regular cast. Even ceramic concrete has advantages besides cheap also lighter and still many advantages of this concrete tile.

3. Bricks light (Hebel) instead of Red Bricks.

Hebel also called the light that serves the same brick with red brick is a wall. Hebel is the latest innovation instead of red brick where Hebel has many advantages. Hebel is manufactured products, thereby reducing the need for red brick using the longer the soil causing ground cavities in the area of ​​red brick manufacturers.

4. Bored Pile Foundations.

Nails earth also has the disadvantage that cause noise and vibration at the time of installation, especially if used in residential earth spikes will obviously disrupt local residents. In addition to using the earth spikes surrounding soil structure changed or shifted and this can interfere with the foundation or structure of the surrounding buildings. By using Bored pile the above shortcomings can be reduced, in addition to the relatively cheaper cost.