Three Easy Steps to Reduce Electricity Bills

Reduce Electricity Bills

Higgins family, which consists of four people, say always looking for opportunities to reduce tariffs and energy use in their homes. However, until today, they are still looking for the possibility to be able to save on electricity bills lower than before.

It can be said that we are cautious in the use of energy. We sure can save more energy than this, “said Higgins.

Not difficult to apply. Here are three simple strategies families Higgins reduce energy use and bills at home:

1. Turn off the water heater and heating

Higgins family using a timer or the timer for the use of heating. By doing so, they keep the house warm during the morning and when their children get back from school.

2. Turn off your electronic device

Everything smelled of technology increases the bill

Yes, gadget indeed contribute to making the energy consumption is higher. Electronic items still will add to your bill if in an off state.

To that end, leave the television and let the electronic equipment in a state of stand-by will only add to the burden of the bill.

When we go back to work and school, we need to ensure we have turned off the entire electronic device before we left home, “said Higgins.

3. Replace ordinary light bulbs with LED

Simply put, by replacing the lamp house, you can make a change and huge savings. In addition, LED lights also last two times longer than ordinary bulbs.

Changing Houses Become Inspiring Workplace.

inspiring work space

For those of you who work from home or freelance workers, the house can be converted into the workplace.

But you still have to distinguish the room where you can work and where you rest.

In order for the house to be a place of work that inspires, consider some of these tips.

First determine your workspace.

You may find work in bed more practical, but it can actually make your work hours fall apart.

You need to treat the workplace like a professional worker. Better to create their own work space away from the bedroom, so you can tell where you have to work and a place where you can relax.

Make the room as well as possible

For those of you who have a small house or in an apartment, probably will find it difficult to create a separate working space.

One thing you can do is use a special work table and try to take advantage of the limited space as well as possible.

For example, you can hang items or make a high shelf to put your files.

Create a mood board

Mood board is often used by designers to attach their inspiration. Let’s say you create bulletin boards or Pinterest apply to real life.

Make a board filled with pictures or writings that can inspire you, for example, where you want to visit, the clothes that you like, or any image that suits your work.

You can freely add or replace the desired image. Try to have fun doing it.

Choose a color that inspires

Decorating your workspace with the colors that can make you happy. Choose a bright color or decorate workbench with fresh flowers.

Keep distractions

Open Facebook and Twitter can be a huge waste of your time. Therefore, as much as possible reduce the habit of checking your personal social media.

You can also schedule a time when you should open social media, for example in the afternoon. Outside of these times, you have to focus on the work and finish what you must accomplish.

How to Divide Confined Room Space Without Walls

space room

Separating the room is done by building a wall. The room need to be separated to create privacy or comfort. However, when the area of ​​the house is not too big, or you live in an apartment, dividing the room is quite difficult.

Here are some ways around the room sharing without using a wall.

1. The glass wall

A transparent wall allows limited room without making the room being cramped.

2. Bookshelf

Separate the two rooms using bookshelves that are not too high up to the ceiling. This method is effective to divide the room but still creates an open space.

3. Table bar

Schill Architecture Using the bar as a divider between the kitchen and the room, is a way that is quite popular today.

Using the bar as a divider between the kitchen and the room, is a way that is quite popular today. Complete the bar with high stools typical.

4. Cabinet

Of course, in addition to the bookshelf, you can separate the room to use a cabinet that also serves as storage space.

5. Tables counter

Melton Design Build This table is usually placed in the kitchen, but try to use it as a divider between the dining room and recreation room or family room.

If the cabinets are too large to be used as a barrier, you could use a counter. This table is usually placed in the kitchen, but try to use it as a divider between the dining room and drawing room or family room.

6. The sliding door

Without the wall, you can separate the two rooms using sliding doors.