Five Signs Home Need Repaired

homes need repairs

The new year is always accompanied with a new hope. Each person has a specific target in life is to be realized.

Your home was in need of resolution. Here are some signs your house needs a change.

1. Paint the walls are not right

Sometimes, the wall paint was applied less suitable or boring. If this happens, no one decoration that is able to cover this.

So, repainted walls could be done. This year, the latest color trend is the color of marsala. You may be able to take into consideration to apply the color in one room of the house.

2. Dirty window

Many people focus on changing the floor or roof repair. While the window, often go unnoticed.

In fact, the windows can make your home brighter because of the sunlight. If you find a broken window hinge, or exposed to dirt that can not be cleaned, consider replacing them with new ones.

3. Less decorations

If you previously hesitant to add decoration, this time to think about decorating with artwork and photos. You can search for a painting with a frame corresponding to paint the walls of the room.

4. Warehouse untouched

Often a storage warehouse goods unused. Clean up your warehouse, and remove items unused.

5. Lack of space

Note the back of your kitchen. Do you often buy plates, bowls, or even a knife? If these goods had piled up irregularly or even no longer fit inserted into the closet, it’s time to add a new room, for example a shelf beside the sink.

Choose shelves that fit the needs, for example a special knife and spoon. Do not unite storage plates with spoons you.

Water taps Tech H20, Save Water 30 Percent

water tap

Everyone needs water to bathe and cleanse the body. Clean water is the most important thing of course, but over time, the amount of water usage also affect a person’s life experience. The more water used, the fresh sensation after the bath becomes increasingly felt.

But many people do not realize, the use of excessive impact on the water supply in the future. Delta Faucet Company General Manager Asia Pacific, David Naber, seek appropriate solutions so that customers do not use too much water. “We utilize H20 Technology to create the latest products, Brizo. This technology reduces the amount of water that flows without the user realizing it.

This technology, continued David, enables users to experience the fun in the bath. Users will feel the water running pretty much even though not as much as expected. The trick, David modify the size of the droplets of water flowing from a shower head. The amount of water droplets vary in each product. However, David claimed the consumption of water savings can reach 30 percent.

“Users do not want to experience the bath is reduced with a little stream of water. This technology helps provide comfort while reducing the use of water,” explains David.

In addition, the product also pocketed certificate Brizo Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) WaterSense 2013. The program aims to protect water supplies in the United States in the future. WaterSense certification is given on the main criteria of the EPA that the water flow of 1.5 gallons per minute for faucets and 2.0 gallons per minute for a shower.

WaterSense labeled products alone could reduce the use of 20 percent water. One product WaterSense labeled Delta Faucet is Sotria. This product carries the tail design of a triangular aircraft on the muzzle. This faucet is specifically designed to be installed in a bathroom with a choice of four variants namely Polished Chrome, Brilliance Luxe Nickel, Polished Nickel, and Matte Black.

Sotria was launched in the US in November 2014. The price is priced around 400 US dollars, or Rp 5.2 million per unit. Although quite expensive, he believes its products can compete in the segment. Besides WaterSense, Sotria include H2O technology Technology that is a system controller dynamics of flow, pressure, and water temperature. This technology also makes it easy to enable users simply tap through the touch in some parts of his body.

Five Steps To Do Before Vacationing

To Do Before Vacationing

Year-end holidays fast approaching. Besides Christmas, New Year is also synonymous with the holiday. However, before the holiday, you should make sure there are no items left behind. In addition, you also need to pay attention to some things that you will leave, the house and all its contents.

Here are things you need to do before leaving home:

Clean smelling places

Dumpster, either in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or in another room, must be clean when you travel. In addition to the trash, like dishwasher, coffee maker and refrigerator, also must be clean before you go, especially if in the long term. You certainly do not want to breathe bad air when you go home. Not only are emptied, you also need to clean it.

Security check

Is the window, door, and the garage was closed and locked? Are the curtains are closed? Do you leave the vehicle in a safe place? Make sure no items are visible from the outside. Make a quick sketch plan of your home and items that need to be locked, and provide a marker on the floor plan of your home.

Save energy and protect from damage

Remove all electronic equipment from the wall socket. Check the cooling or heating system, as well as heated water. Whether all been turned off? Consider also to shut off the water flow as long as you leave the house. In addition, you also have to make sure cooking appliances such as stoves, ovens, and coffee makers are switched off.

Watering the plants

Give your plants enough water while you are away, and place the plant in an optimal area. Make sure your plants get enough light.

Communication with neighbors

If there is a neighbor who did not go on vacation, ask for his help to contribute to notice your home. You can also give a personal number and an alternate number if there are dangerous things happen in your home.