Creating Garden Terrace Non Got To Home Page

Garden Terrace

The house that does not have a page, can not be the reason you do not maintain the park. You can still create a garden on the terrace of the house. The terrace garden can create intimacy, easily manageable and also beautify the exterior appearance of your home.

Here are a few ways to create a garden on the terrace of the house.

Weather conditions

Before buying and caring for plants, you should make sure the type of plants according to the weather and the surrounding environment. Note the plants on display at the shop of the plant.

In addition, you also need to consider the climate outdoors, such as the type of plants and the length gets enough light. whether open or closed balcony wall, whether the plant should be placed in the shade.

Think well to these questions in order to determine the appropriate plants for the patio or balcony of the house.

Plants temporary or lasting various seasons

Some plants only survive in certain seasons, such as basil flowers or some vegetables. Excess has a plant like this, you will always be a new park. However, you also have to prepare extra time to replace it.

If you are too busy for this, the solution is to plant resistant plants in different seasons, such as Bromelia.

Pots and fertilizers

When selecting a pot, in addition to considering the outward appearance, you also need to take into account the pot material. Pot made of porous material, such as terra cotta, offering better drainage than plastic pots. Plastic pots do not allow the water out of the pot.

Pot holes can also be the best choice to keep the plant roots do not rot due to excessive watering.

After the pot, fertilizer also need to be adjusted to the needs. Mix fertilizer will suffice for most plants, but note also that some of the plants that contain lots of water, requires a mixture of different fertilizers.


Not only plants, for beautify the terrace, you also need furniture. Small bistro table with a few chairs, an ideal fit on the patio.

Consider also the layout of the furniture with the plant, for example, adjust the color of the flower color of the furniture.

Different placement

You can place the plant in various places in the garden, for example by hanging. Is an effective way to increase space on your terrace and the main attraction.

Plants hang in a window or pots were hung, an alternative decoration garden on the balcony.