How to safely buy a home of collateral Bank

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Already found a home at a price and the desired conditions, but it turns out the dealer center of the ‘send’ certificate of his home in the bank. In fact, you are very interested to have.

For those of you who experienced something like this, actually do not need to cancel plans to buy a house certificates were pledged to the bank. However, the precautionary principle is necessary because there is a huge risk lurking.

There are cases where the seller was just about to take off house keys when you have paid the agreed price of the house. The reason, the money will be used to redeem the certificate. Turns out this is a trick sellers to deceive you.

In order to avoid incidents such as the above, you should consider the following important aspects:

Ask proof loans

If true certificate of the house as collateral, the seller definitely save it is with good marks. To convince yourself, ask the seller to show proof of such loans. Or, go the bank concerned to confirm its accuracy.

Ask other documents

Logically, only certificates are required house bank as collateral. Another important documents such as building permit, proof of payment of tax on land and buildings, as well as electricity and water bill receipt is not required for collateral. You can ask this to the seller.

Ask for complete debt

As a prospective buyer, you are entitled to ask the seller complete the payment obligations owed to the bank. Thus, house deeds can be taken prior to the implementation of home purchase transactions between the two sides.

Move credit to banks

Another way is much safer is to move direct credit to the relevant bank. That is, you want to pay the debt of the seller witnessed by representatives of the bank.

This condition applies when the status of homes sold are still in a period of credit. To know move step home buying credits, you can click here.

Pay off DP

If a seller asks you to pay off a house down payment in advance (as agreed), then do not forget to ask for bail. In this case, the seller must submit a collateral that can be executed directly if the sellers do default.

Create agreement

From all the mechanisms mentioned above, another thing to consider is to do things based on the agreement in black and white.

So, if on the way you find irregularities by the seller, then you as a buyer already has a strong foundation to get your rights. Not only that, the agreement is also useful to minimize the risk of loss that may befall you.

To find out information about the physical data and juridical data certificates that house, you can check at the local land office in the form of a certificate of registration.

How precisely adjust the exposure in a child’s bedroom

lamp for bedroom child

Don’t identify children who are toddlers with you. If you prefer the dark atmosphere at night, toddler or infant is certainly not the same.

So, when you are designing a child’s room, you should also consider the lighting and lighting during the day, since lighting like this is needed children.

Don’t use fluorescent lamps

As the main lighting, when the child was awake and playing, you may use bright lights. However, once entered bedtime, replace lighting rooms with light sleeper, for example, a table lamp whose light dimmed.

The reason, according to the website, at birth the baby was having farsightedness and vision will further develop in accordance with its growth.

However, if you turn the lights were very bright as he slept, eyes and nerves eyesight still worked, so your baby or toddler will feel tired and uncomfortable when you wake up. In fact, these conditions make it risky for irritated eyes, like eye minus.

The atmosphere is dark make children afraid

Remember when you are a child, you generally was not comfortable in the room is too dark. The atmosphere is too dark will make the child shocked when she woke up the night so that induced a sense of anxiety.

Use LED lights

It would be better if you use a unique LED lights that glow in the dark which typically have a variety of motives.

These lamps not only provide a calming effect, but also makes more restful sleep and make the children loved her room because of its unique shape.

In addition there are LED lights glow in the dark that could be used as a table lamp, there is also that you can paste on the wall.

Note the location of windows

We recommend not putting the bed her too close to the window. The wall and window exposed to sunlight still store thermal energy, so it will feel less cool when the child slept.

Any time of the morning, the sun will be directly in his face so that the risk of causing a child dizzy and cranky. If the room where the child is exposed to light, limit light by closing the window with thin curtains.

6 Mistakes That Most Do When Sucking Dust

clean carpet

Cleaning the room or the carpet using a vacuum cleaner, it is practical. However, you must make sure it is used properly.

These are some common mistakes made when vacuuming.

1. Do not suck the carpet in two directions

If you just suck the carpet in one direction, you do not remove dust and dirt as a whole. Some of this dirt can hide behind the cloth.

Try to suck the carpet from different directions, top to bottom, bottom to top, right to left, and left right.

2. Allowing dust bag filled to the brim

Vacuum cleaner has a bag to store all the dirt is sucked. So that a vacuum work optimally, you should not wait for the dust bag is full.

The Vacuum & Sewing Dealer’s Trade Association recommends you to empty the bag after more than half filled. The cause, the vacuum cleaner can lose efficiency if used when the bag is full.

Better yet, if you do not reuse the dust bag, because it can cut up to 50 percent efficiency.

3. Too fast

Use a vacuum to the maximum and slowly. By doing so, the engine can suck up more dirt and dust so your carpet cleaner.

4. Do not use the crevice tool

Each vacuum cleaner is usually equipped with a device that is able to reach the corners of the room or crevice tool. However, this tool is rarely used because usually people use the vacuum cleaner only for carpets.

At least, use it to clean the edges of the room twice a month. Dirt or dust in the corners of the room is often overlooked for years.

5. Not Adjust height

Be sure to adjust the height of the vacuum cleaner as you move from one side of the carpet to the other side. Some vacuum cleaners can do it automatically.

However, if yours is not the case, take the time to adjust the height. This can make a big difference in the cleanliness of the carpet or your room.

6. Waiting carpet looks dirty

This error is most often what most people do. Before look dirty, usually people are lazy to clean it with a vacuum cleaner.

From now on, stop this habit. Dirt can accumulate under the carpet fibers away before you know it. The danger, these impurities can lead to colds and allergy recurrence. Arrange regular schedule for cleaning the carpet using a vacuum cleaner.

Three Tips for Making Your New House a Home

luxury decorating

If you’ve recently bought a new house, congratulations! There are few times more exciting that when you first move into your new place. Chances are, however, that your new home is feeling a little bit empty and unfinished at first. Even if you’ve already moved in your own furniture and decor, you will need to reevaluate your space and make your new house into a home you enjoy. Luckily, there are a few tips you can keep in mind that will help you turn your house into a more comfortable, homey place.

First, consider painting your walls before you move in or set up your furniture. The color of your walls sets the emotional tone of your room, so choose wisely. Most experts recommend cool, relaxing tones, like blues, grays, and greens in bedrooms, while reserving louder and bolder colors, like reds and yellows, for more communal spaces like kitchens and living rooms. It’s much easier to paint when you first move in, since you don’t have to worry about moving furniture or covering all of your belongings.

Next, look into purchasing new furniture instead of just reusing what you had in your old space. While you should certainly keep any pieces with sentimental value, there is something powerful and exciting about starting with a new slate. Consider indulging in luxury interior decorating from a professional company like Perla Lichi Design to start your new home off on the right foot. Gorgeous interiors will put you in a better mood every day in your new home.

Finally, make sure to add all of the personal touches to your new home without overwhelming it. Tastefully framed photographs look great hung along the hallway walls or grouped on a shelf. Put out good looking heirlooms and build your decor around them. You can also bring potted plants and other decor from your old space and find a ways to integrate them into your new home. The trick is to incorporate these older elements without making your new home a replica of your old one. Use your judgment when deciding on what to keep and what to throw away.

Think about the kind of home you want to live in, and fill your new house accordingly. Add color, furniture, and memories from your past, and you will love living in your brand new home.

How to Choose the Right Air Conditioning

air conditioning

Has an electronic device that this is indeed necessary, especially in a city that has a high temperature. However, choose the air conditioner or AC (air conditioner) must be done wisely by considering some important things.

The use of air conditioning in an increasingly plural society made the more types of air conditioners on the market. Therefore, consumers must be smart to choose the type of air conditioner that suits your needs, also considering the health and environmental elements.

According to interior designer, use of air conditioning in various types of home are increasingly necessary, even tropical design house that has a lot of openings or minimalist once, surely at least one air conditioner.

But not all houses have the same needs. Therefore, adjust the use of air conditioning needs, models, and also budget.

The most important thing when we want to install air conditioning at home is noticed electrical power.

If an air conditioning unit requires 1,300 watts of power to light up, while the installed power of 1,300 watts only, then we should have to add a minimum of 1,000 watts of electrical home again until amounted to 2,300 watts. According to the lecturer architecture, the use of electronic tools must be adapted to other electronic devices in the home so that electricity is not dead and alive because of existing electrical power consumed by the use of air conditioning.

“If this is allowed, might be electrical devices in the home will be easily damaged and burned,” he said. Once the electrical devices in the home are met, the second factor is no less important is to choose the size and model of the cooling device according to the needs and size of the room. “For the coolers in the rooms could use size from 0.5 to 1 PK PK. For the living room could use a 1.5 to 3 PK. So, should not be too small or too big, “advises Susan.

While, if the house was also used as an office, to a large conference room, can be used coolers with floor standing form which can optimize the temperature of the room nicely. Also for the room which has a large capacity can use ceiling cassette air conditioner models.

In essence, before cooling is turned on, you should close all vents, windows, and doors to allow air from the outside is not entered. Therefore we can enjoy the cool air is blown optimally. When cooling is dead, open the back door of the room with ventilation and width, it is necessary for the replacement of the air in the room to be more healthy and good.

Before we bought the air conditioner, it helps us a lot of research beforehand. Find out as much about cooling that is currently circulating through brochures, newspapers, magazines or come in electronics exhibition. “The most important thing when we want to choose a conditioner, you should select the saving of electricity, the brand is clear, reasonably priced, and the service adequate services. The more cooling that we choose low-power, means that we also contribute to the saving power consumption and loving environment.

Also, choose the air conditioner that is capable of filtering the air optimally. Not only issue a mere cold, this tool should also be able to filter the air that mixes with viral diseases, germs, and bacteria harmful to health.

5 Easy Ways to Improve Air Quality at Home

Improve Air Quality at Home

The YouGov survey showed that 81 percent of us have a respiratory disorder or dermatological risk because of poor air quality in the home.

Toxic home syndrome occurs when exposed to a mixture of air pollutants family. These pollutants arise from poor ventilation and increase the risk of respiratory diseases and skin.

Here are some tips to reduce the risk of these diseases in your home:

Learn some ventilation option

Making ventilation air circulation in your home smoothly. You could consider using a mechanical domestic ventilation system, which provides clean air or active ventilation such as extractor fan or exhaust fan. In the bathroom, in particular, need to be active ventilation to keep it dry. Because, this place is a place that is essential for the fungus to grow.

Use environmentally friendly products

Everyday cleaning products usually contain chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compounds are harmful to the health of your breathing.

Avoid the use of carpet

The carpet can become a haven for dust, dirt, bacteria, or pet dander. Dirt that sticks is usually difficult to remove and potentially damage the air quality of your home. In addition, you and your family are also threatened by allergies.

Dry your clothes outside

You can also make sure the windows open when forced to hang in the house. This can reduce the organic compounds in the room.

Take off your shoes

Do not guess, shoes that do not leave traces on the floor of your house really clean from dirt. Because, shoes from the outside to bring bacteria from the soil.