Create a Kid Friendly Oasis in Your Own Backyard

Family fence tampa

Kids are full of energy, and the best way to burn some of it off is to go outside and play. The problem is that many parents do not have a kid friendly backyard where the children can safely play while Mom and Dad relax. Use the following tips to turn your yard into a family oasis that everyone can enjoy.

Keep it Safe

Your first step is to make sure the backyard is safe for all ages to play in. Remove any debris, trash, or garden tools that kids could get hurt on. Check all growth to ensure there is no poison ivy or thorn bushes in the area. Setting up boundaries will also keep your yard safe. A good fence can keep kids in and unwanted animals out. If you are looking for fence companies Lakeland FL has several such as Family Fence Company that can help with installation.

Add Fun

You don’t have to complete with the local parks to create a fun area. Keep it simple. A basic swing set provides hours of fun for little ones, while a basketball hoop is perfect for older children. Add in small toys too. Tricycles, bouncy balls, and toy cars are just a sample of the items you can include in the yard’s appeal. Don’t forget to have some games like corn toss that the grown-ups can enjoy with the kids.

Comfort Counts

The kids won’t enjoy the backyard if the parents don’t like it too. Save a corner where lounge chairs or an outdoor table and chairs can be placed. This gives parents a space to relax in while watching the children play. Even a picnic table will work. In fact, the family can then enjoy a picnic style meal together before starting in on an evening filled with fun. It is also a great place for entertaining other families.

Now that you have implemented a few of these ideas, your yard can be a wonderful retreat that the entire family can enjoy. It will help the little ones burn off some pent up energy while the parents get a little time to relax, but best of all, it will help all ages reconnect.

The simple way to make the bedroom more comfortable

Bedroom comfortable

A bedroom should be a place of rest. This is why you should design a bedroom that gives you all the comfort and relaxation you deserve. Luckily, you don’t have to be loaded to create a comfortable bedroom. There are many simple low-cost ways that you can take a room from bland and uncomfortable to soothing and relaxing.

The Bed

The focal point of any comfortable room is the bed. Your bed should be extremely luxurious. Dress your bed for comfort. Invest in quality sheets and pillows. Your comforter should be soft and warm, without being too heavy. If you want to spend a little extra money, spend it on the mattress and the linens. You will spend the majority of your time in the bed when you are in your room. If you have an older mattress that’s still in good condition, get a mattress topper for it. This is a good way to give your bed a makeover without going broke.

The Lighting

If you can, invest in a dimmer. This will allow you to adjust the lighting to match the mood or the time of the day. If you are preparing for bed, a dimmer will allow you to turn down the lights and create an atmosphere more conducive to sleep and relaxation. If you don’t have a dimmer, you may want to consider investing in a soft lamp that you can use to create gentle lighting for bedtime.

The Layout of the Room

Your bedroom shouldn’t serve as a second storage closet for you. It should not be crowded. A crowded room is not a relaxing room. Consider finding another place to store that vacuum coating equipment. What you have in your room should be dependent on a few things. The size of your room should be a consideration, as well as the amount of furniture you’d like to furnish it with. The best set up includes a dresser, night stand, and a small TV stand. If you try to fit too much in your room it becomes cluttered and crowded. In essence, it will feel as if you are sleeping in your closet.

Create your best room. You deserve it. Make sure the mattress and the linens are as comfortable as possible. Use lighting to give your bedroom a more relaxing ambiance as well. Last but not least, don’t use your room as a storage closet. Your room should be pleasant looking and easy to navigate. Create your best room. You really deserve it.

Why Treated Wooden Utility Poles Remain Popular

treated utility poles

Ever since the invention of the telegraph and telephone, utility poles have been needed to keep overhead cables from interfering with ground traffic and avoid contact with the ground, people, animals and property.

For much of this time, the wooden utility pole has been the standard for utility companies. Wooden utility poles are harvested long, thin trees, normally pine, fir and cedar. Branches are removed, the bark is stripped and the trunk is shaped to a uniform width. The poles are then kiln dried to remove excess moisture. Drying reduces the weight of the pole and allows a greater volume of preservative to be used. Because a portion of the pole is underground, preservatives against rot and insect infestation are applied to that portion.

Though steel and concrete poles are also employed in some areas, wooden poles have benefits. Because wood is flexible in comparison to steel and concrete, the poles will sway in high winds without breaking. Unlike steel poles, wooden poles are an electrical insulator, rather than a conductor. Poles can be erected without special insulators to the pole itself. Due to their light weight, wooden poles are relatively simple to erect, and a larger number can be transported to the job site with a single truck.

Modern wooden treated utility poles have a longer useful life than in the past. According to inspection data performed by a utility consultant service on more than 700,000 existing poles, the mean useful life can exceed 50 years in less harsh climates and over 40 years in more severe areas.

One reason for the longer life is the advance in preservatives. Quality utility poles are pressure treated with Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA). In this process, the mixture is impregnated into the wood fibers via a vacuum and pressure chamber. The vacuum chamber allows the wood fibers to expand and accept a larger volume of the preservative.

Pressure is then used to inject the CCA material. Copper is used to prevent rotting and fungus. Arsenic is used to repel insect infestation. For some poles, mineral oil is used as a final, outer additive for lubricity and to make the poles easier for utility workers to climb.

When choosing a supplier, utilities will investigate the manufacturing and treating process to ensure their own standards are met. Because it is a capital investment for electric and communication companies, the longest useful life of the product at the most reasonable price is the goal.

Don’t Keep These 6 Items In The Warehouse


You may often store unused items in the warehouse, or if having an attic on the roof of your house will keep it in place.

For some items such as a suitcase it may not matter if it is stored long in the warehouse. But some other objects, especially those made from natural materials such as wooden tables, can actually be damaged when stored in a closed room such as a warehouse.

Besides, what else should not be stored in the warehouse?

1. Wooden Furniture

Have an antique desk or chair inherited from parents? You may feel reluctant to put it in the living room or family because it does not fit the minimalist home theme.

Do not let the furniture is stored long in the warehouse, the temperature and humidity of the changing air can make the wood becomes cracked. Better still use in one corner of the room at home or give to people in need.

2. Children Dolls

Children are too big to be happy to play dolls? You may still keep it as memory or just in case your child misses playing it again. However, the stored dolls are at risk for inviting mice, mites and other pest attacks.

Where possible, store in airtight boxes rather than just stored in black plastic. Or, give to other children who need toys.

3. Candles

Candles are commonly used when power goes out or stored in case you need ornaments to decorate a particular event. Hot temperatures, especially in a shed or attic, can make the candles melt.

In order to wax is not damaged, store in cabinets in the house that get a more stable temperature.

4. Electronic Goods

Your old electronic things like video players, televisions, cell phones, or even console games should not be stored in the warehouse. Temperature changes can make the electronic goods become damp and damaging the inside.

5. Clothing

Wedding dresses, party clothes, or other outfits that you may rarely (or never) wear should be kept in the closet. This clothing material will usually easily damp and invite dust and ngegat.

Clothes still require air so storing in plastic is also not recommended. You can save in the box and remove it at least once a year to prevent damage.

6. Photo Album

Perhaps you currently store more photos in digital format, but other printed photos such as family photo albums or wedding albums should not just be stored in the warehouse.

The photo sheets will be easily damaged if exposed to humid heat or temperature. Should keep in a cool cabinet and protected from direct sunlight.

These Things Can Make Room Atmosphere More Comfortable

Comfortable room

Having a house with such a perfect order is definitely a value of its own satisfaction. No wonder if every corner of the house is arranged with a nice and beautiful in order to provide comfort for the residents. One room that is often a concern and always want to be decorated perfectly is the bedroom. Having a comfortable bedroom can indeed affect our mood.

Therefore, most people always set the bedroom to be so comfortable. In addition to providing comfort, having a fun bedroom can also maximize your rest time and impact on sleep quality. A cozy and warm atmosphere can make the bedroom so much fun. Therefore there are some tips that can make your bedroom becomes more comfortable.

The hanging light is small

Small lamps will usually be hung above the bed. These lights will look like beautiful lights. The use of lights of this type was not only used as accessories, but used for a cheerful and gentle atmosphere.

Natural equipment

You can create more warmth with the placement of goods made from wood in the corner of the room. You can also use a blanket with wool or curtains with linen material. Avoid metal or plastic elements. This element will make the atmosphere so rigid.

Choose colors that seem neutral

Many renowned interior designs argue that neutral colors can make the atmosphere warmer from light to dark colors such as gray and brown. You can also use blue because this color resembles the color of the earth.

Choose a soothing picture ornament

Image placement for the bedroom turned out to affect the atmosphere of the room. Select images that have bright colors like green, blue and ash in order to create a more soothing atmosphere. Avoid using red, light red can make you less comfortable. In addition to picture decoration, you can add decorative ornamental plants. Choose plants that are easy to maintain and do not require much light.

How To Hire A Reputable Electrical Contractor


If you are a landlord or a business owner, you may be assigned the task of choosing to hire one of the many Jacksonville electrical contractors in your area such as the one found at Finding the right electrical contractor for the job can seem tedious because there are so many to choose from. This type of job is one that needs to be done right. Below are some tips for hiring a contractor that is good at their job and qualified to do it properly.


Never hire any type of contractor that won’t supply you with information about their licensing and certifications. It can sometimes be tempting to go with electricians who offer lower costs for their services because they aren’t licensed. However, dealing with electrical components presents many safety concerns. The risks involved with electrical work compared to other contracted jobs is much greater and can even be deadly if not done right.


When you are renting a home or running a business, you are going to want to hire an electrical contractor who is reliable. A good contractor works with their customers and takes care of all of their needs. A reputable and reliable company should also be able to get their job done in a timely manner and answer any questions you may have. Complex tasks can sometimes take a lot longer to finish and exact estimates may not always be able to be given. Good contractors will keep you informed throughout the process of any changes, however.


While things can change during a contracting job, you should never hire a company without getting a written and signed estimate. Be sure the company includes a detailed list of all services and products that are going to be used and charged. Any terms of the job needs to be established beforehand so that you can limit the chances of being blindsided for any charges on the bill when the job is completed.

In some cases, it is best to shop around your local area to find the right electrical contractor for the job. All companies can offer slightly different services at different price points. Your goal when comparing companies is to sort through them to narrow down your search to the best contractor for your specific needs. You should feel confident in your choice of company and all of the terms set before any work begins.