How to Choose the Right Air Conditioning

air conditioning

Has an electronic device that this is indeed necessary, especially in a city that has a high temperature. However, choose the air conditioner or AC (air conditioner) must be done wisely by considering some important things.

The use of air conditioning in an increasingly plural society made the more types of air conditioners on the market. Therefore, consumers must be smart to choose the type of air conditioner that suits your needs, also considering the health and environmental elements.

According to interior designer, use of air conditioning in various types of home are increasingly necessary, even tropical design house that has a lot of openings or minimalist once, surely at least one air conditioner.

But not all houses have the same needs. Therefore, adjust the use of air conditioning needs, models, and also budget.

The most important thing when we want to install air conditioning at home is noticed electrical power.

If an air conditioning unit requires 1,300 watts of power to light up, while the installed power of 1,300 watts only, then we should have to add a minimum of 1,000 watts of electrical home again until amounted to 2,300 watts. According to the lecturer architecture, the use of electronic tools must be adapted to other electronic devices in the home so that electricity is not dead and alive because of existing electrical power consumed by the use of air conditioning.

“If this is allowed, might be electrical devices in the home will be easily damaged and burned,” he said. Once the electrical devices in the home are met, the second factor is no less important is to choose the size and model of the cooling device according to the needs and size of the room. “For the coolers in the rooms could use size from 0.5 to 1 PK PK. For the living room could use a 1.5 to 3 PK. So, should not be too small or too big, “advises Susan.

While, if the house was also used as an office, to a large conference room, can be used coolers with floor standing form which can optimize the temperature of the room nicely. Also for the room which has a large capacity can use ceiling cassette air conditioner models.

In essence, before cooling is turned on, you should close all vents, windows, and doors to allow air from the outside is not entered. Therefore we can enjoy the cool air is blown optimally. When cooling is dead, open the back door of the room with ventilation and width, it is necessary for the replacement of the air in the room to be more healthy and good.

Before we bought the air conditioner, it helps us a lot of research beforehand. Find out as much about cooling that is currently circulating through brochures, newspapers, magazines or come in electronics exhibition. “The most important thing when we want to choose a conditioner, you should select the saving of electricity, the brand is clear, reasonably priced, and the service adequate services. The more cooling that we choose low-power, means that we also contribute to the saving power consumption and loving environment.

Also, choose the air conditioner that is capable of filtering the air optimally. Not only issue a mere cold, this tool should also be able to filter the air that mixes with viral diseases, germs, and bacteria harmful to health.

5 Easy Ways to Improve Air Quality at Home

Improve Air Quality at Home

The YouGov survey showed that 81 percent of us have a respiratory disorder or dermatological risk because of poor air quality in the home.

Toxic home syndrome occurs when exposed to a mixture of air pollutants family. These pollutants arise from poor ventilation and increase the risk of respiratory diseases and skin.

Here are some tips to reduce the risk of these diseases in your home:

Learn some ventilation option

Making ventilation air circulation in your home smoothly. You could consider using a mechanical domestic ventilation system, which provides clean air or active ventilation such as extractor fan or exhaust fan. In the bathroom, in particular, need to be active ventilation to keep it dry. Because, this place is a place that is essential for the fungus to grow.

Use environmentally friendly products

Everyday cleaning products usually contain chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compounds are harmful to the health of your breathing.

Avoid the use of carpet

The carpet can become a haven for dust, dirt, bacteria, or pet dander. Dirt that sticks is usually difficult to remove and potentially damage the air quality of your home. In addition, you and your family are also threatened by allergies.

Dry your clothes outside

You can also make sure the windows open when forced to hang in the house. This can reduce the organic compounds in the room.

Take off your shoes

Do not guess, shoes that do not leave traces on the floor of your house really clean from dirt. Because, shoes from the outside to bring bacteria from the soil.

How to Paint Wall Color Rainbow

rainbow color paint

Rainbow adorning the blue skies after the rain look so beautiful. Colorful red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet look so harmonious and sweet. It could be, you will create a motif similar to a rainbow in your home.

For those of you who are interested in doing it then you can see how to paint using a tool called Rainbow Roller this. The tool was created by Antzy Carmasaic and can make the process of painting becomes more effective.

Indeed, you can just paint colorful wall by means of paint with different colors alternately. But with Rainbow Roller, you can paint directly on the walls of various colors into the building.

Paint roller combines 10 different colors at once placed in the container sequence. Once you paint it, then the 10 colors is directly attached to the wall to form a rainbow of colors. The trick is simple and interesting to try.

How to Make a Rainbow Roller

Prepare materials such as paint rollers, sponge with absorption medium, acrylic paint of various colors that you like and insulated acrylic glass to pour a paint. Then you form such as Rainbow Roller. For more details, you can listen to the video below!

3 Smart and quick steps to own homes

buy homes

Having the desire to immediately have their own home is a natural thing and it is fitting, especially for those who have been working and have sufficient income. There will be many things that the reason why someone wanted to have a home among them:

1. Having a number of funds that have been prepared and can be used for this purpose and you see this as a form of investment for the future.

2. The workplace away from home makes you finally thought to have a private home and living separately from their parents.

3. Will soon get married and start a new family with the couple.

Of the three reasons stated above, the most commonly used is the latter.

The desire to soon have a very big house will be owned by a couple who will soon be married because generally they want to learn to live independently and live separately with their parents and other family.

But that does not mean a benchmark for those who are single, there’s nothing wrong and immediately started thinking about owning their own home as well.

Although still single, but has a home remains a very important thing to be realized, given the property prices will be higher and expensive from year to year.

So there is no point in delaying and waiting because the longer the higher the price and the harder you are to buy it.

A few steps below need to think about when will realize your desire to own a home.

1. Adjust the need

You have to really know what exactly is needed and this is also true when you decide to buy a house.

Do not just select and buy it, you will have to have a clear picture of the house that really need at the moment, because often what we want is not what we need.

For the time being may not require a large dwelling because it was single and in general when someone is going to get married will not choose / buy a big house because of the new have a small family.

Things like this are very important for you to consider with carefully, because a large Yag home course also be redeemed by to funds and in addition the large house that would spend the cost of care / maintenance is great.

Therefore reconsider your needs and adjust the financial ability you have, especially for those who wish to buy a house on credit.

Do not get monthly payments overwhelming and turmoil in the financial budget.

2. Understand the details of credit

Buying a house in cash will be very easy and quick to do, but that does not mean you will always have a hard time submit it through the credit system or in installments.

You can apply for housing loans to banks, provided you already have the funds as deposits account for about 20 percent-30 percent of the total price of the home to be purchased.

There are many banks that offer mortgages products, but as a prospective customer, you should really be smart to choose products that are more profitable for you.

Compare facilities and offers given by some banks of your choice, look at any details of the products they provide, such as: flowers, requirements, penalties, and a variety of other amenities such as insurance.

3. Find other references

When you have had a choice of house to be purchased, then the next step is to find and choose the right bank as a source of funding.

In this case there is nothing wrong you ask a friend or relative who has experience using mortgages or you can also ask a financial consultant who is an expert in the field.

This will be very important and useful to anticipate you choose the wrong funding sources.

3 Elements area that affect the value of the property


An ideal city is a city that is able to organize three elements well, the location element, an element of the activities, as well as infrastructure elements. Then how the characteristics of the three, following this review:

1. Location

The location is basically the most important part of the city. Facility trade and large-scale office buildings tend to be around the city center, while the trading facilities and offices tend to be small scale at the edge of downtown.

In the city also found some luxury housing, while widening to the edge of the city, housing is increasingly diverse, from the lower middle class to the upper middle class.

Factories are usually placed in the outer portion, in a location that is not close to housing. This is because the pollution generated. While plantations and farms located further away from the city.

2. Activities

The activities can be divided into two categories. The first category is the formal activities, which took place in a building or particular land, and recorded in the land use or planning for the building.

This formal activities can be divided into three main types, plus a host of extras, namely:

  • Activities of trade (commercial), which includes a variety of trade scale, ranging from stalls, kiosks, markets, shopping malls, supermarkets, malls, and so on.
  • Settlement activity (residential) covering the various types of housing and settlement of the class, ranging from duplexes, simple houses, luxury homes, to apartments and condominiums.
  • Industrial activity (industrial) which includes industrial types of small, medium and large.
  • Social activity (public) covering a wide range of buildings or land used for public purposes such as village halls / village pavilion, pavilion district offices, public recreation facilities, sports facilities, and so forth.

The second category is the informal activities which are not recorded in land use or planning for the building. Eg trading activities pavement.

3. Infrastructure

Infrastructure in the context of the economy can be seen as invested as a form of “investment” in an urban area

Besides the toll road network, electricity and construction of campus buildings in an area in the suburbs will invite investment to get into the area.

From this it can be concluded that the construction of the third case, will be able to become a magnet that alter the surrounding area.

Not only will support the housing needs, but also has very good investment potential.

4 Furniture that makes a man stand at home


Design houses do not always talk about beauty. You also need to consider factors needs. Especially for you wives, be able to arrange the interior of your home based on the furniture needed by the husband.

Here are the things that usually required the men to be home. Well, for the wife, you can cheat these tips to keep your husband feel at home.

1. Beds White

Men like everything was clean, as well as with the room decor. If you want your husband feel at home, arranging a room with shades of white is the way to do. Use white linens on your bed. Complete with white pillows and bed covers with the same color. In addition, if you still want to do more on the decor of your room, change the color of the walls with white paint, but can be combined with neutral colors like gray and brown.

2. Seating Comfortable To Eat

Comfortable seating here is not like the coffee table, but a comfortable place to eat and drink. You can leave a large comfortable sofa in the family room as the men spend their time at home.

3. Work Desk

If you provide a work desk at home, does not mean that men will always work all day at home. It’s just home furniture they need so that they can remember what work they have not yet completed. In addition, this table they use to store confidential documents are not safe to be stored in the office.

4. Wide Wardrobe

In the interior room, you can add a closet to him. Men generally like to collect different fashion products to women. Men like to collect watches, belts and shoes. So you need to put a special area for their favorite objects.