Avoiding Some Color to Life Comfortable

some rooms were avoided color

Each color has its own meaning and effect. For example there are colors that can create a positive energy like coolness, passion, and quiet. But there are also several color which brings bad energy like the red color that can enhance the emotions, which makes sleepy yellow, and black color that creates a mystical impression.

For that began avoid colors that bring bad energy. Colors are considered heavy to decorate the interior of the house is an old beige or beige, gray, and black. If applied in the wrong way, the color will make the residents feel uncomfortable and hot. Besides the interior of the house can actually look pale and dull. Another case if applied by professionals, these colors can be an interesting accent.

Gray color is also quite difficult to apply because it is not soft colors. Besides gray are dull and can make a house becomes dull. For that gray should not be used as the dominant color of the room, but only as accents, furniture, or wall hangings.

Black is the color of death so you should avoid it as the dominant color. Sunlight or strong light will disappear once absorbed by the black color, so that the room will look pretty grim. Just as gray, black should only be applied to accents, furniture and wall hangings.

In the end, the best colors for your interior is a bright color such as yellow, white, blue, and so on. Thus you will get a bright atmosphere, comfortable, and made more vibrant.

As Green Environment Learning Place

environment green

Only five minutes exercise a day in the open can improve mental health, according to a study and policy makers should encourage more people to pass the time in parks and gardens.

Some researchers at the University of Essex found that just five minutes of “green activity” such as walking, gardening, cycling or planting trees to encourage the spirit and self-esteem.

“We believe that there will be many potential benefits for all the people, society and the health care costs if all groups of people do a lot more self medication with exercise in a green place,” Barton said in a statement about the study, published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology.

Many studies have shown that outdoor exercise can reduce the risk of mental illness and improve a sense of healthy, but Jules Pretty and Jo Barton, who led the study, said that so far no one knows how much time needs to be spent in the exercise in a green place so that the benefits were seen.

Barton and Pretty looked at data from 1,252 people with mental health status, gender, and age, were taken from 10 existing studies in Britain.

They analyzed activities such as walking, gardening, cycling, fishing, kayaking, horseback riding and planting trees.

They found that the greatest health changes occurred in the young and those who suffer mentally ill, although people of all ages and social groups also enjoy the benefits.

The greatest positive impact on self-esteem emerged from a five-minute dose of “green exercise in place”.

All natural environment beneficial, including parks in small cities or large, they said, but green areas with water seems to have a more positive impact.

Moreover, if learning in places green area certainly can affect brain development in learning.

At least the executive education “Master” in particular should be able to create a school environment becomes green to support mental and physical health of children’s intelligence. In addition to reducing the effects of global warming at least a good many of the Green School Environment.

Color-Color Giver Happiness

Color giver of happiness

Color does give the impression of interest for a variety of things and can liven things up. In addition, the color can also draw attention to the viewer as well as pleasing to the eye that sees. A building if it has no color will give the impression of not appealing to the eye. Therefore, the color of the interior is also very important for the beauty of your home.

Did you know that the color of the interior also can provide happiness in your home. Color can also liven up your home and create a good mood for the residents if you can take advantage of the color according to the interior of the room in your house. You should choose the right paint for your room.

Now available 15 types of colors that can transform your home into a cheerful room. Including the following:

Creating a nice dinner

In this case, you can use red color in the dining room or your kitchen space. The color red has the impression of encouraging, stimulating energy, increase the excitement, liveliness share for activity, and can stimulate appetite, so it is perfect to use in the kitchen or dining room. In addition, the red color also arouse your appetite, so you will be excited to eat in the dining room.

Excite your love life

To excite the life of love and harmony so that your household, you can choose the color of your bedroom interior with purple. This purple color is very suitable for the bedroom of husband and wife as it can excite love life married couples in bed. In addition, the color purple also provide comfort for sleeping because it can reflect light very well. Based on a study indicates that in 2000 the couple with the bedroom purple tend to be more frequent sex within a week.

Turning on the Light Young

The dominant color gives the impression of a young child that is color pink. Pink color is also very suitable for all skin colors and can spread the aura you look younger. The color pink is known as a gentle and cheerful colors so as to create the spirit of your youth, and can improve your mood. The color pink is also suitable for the bathroom so when you come out of the shower, you will live a youthful glow back.

Create a spirit of doing things faster

If you want to do something faster you can use the color green interior on your workspace. Because the green color can evoke your concentration to more quickly resolve anything.


The rooms which have the impression of relaxation can make you feel comfortable and happy. To make it happen, you can simulate the color blue interior. The blue color is very suitable for the living room of your home. So guests who visit your house also feel the comfort of your home visit.

When is The Right Time Buying a Home?

buy home time

Have their own home would be a dream of many people. In addition to learning independent of their parents, have their own home as a prestige in the modern era it is today. But you also can not force to buy a house, if the circumstances you are experiencing does not support. Then when the time is right to buy a house?

If the present time and the money you already have enough savings, then there is no harm to purchase their own home. But remember how the efficiency of your current state to buy their own homes. If it is not being properly required and other conditions were not supportive, you should wait until the right moment.

But if you do not have sufficient funds, you’ll want to put it off first while preparing your finances. Notice how big your salary to pay the home loan if you want to purchase a house on credit.

If you feel you’ve been able to buy a home with adequate financial support to pay the mortgage and various other needs you, then you are able to purchase the home.

Buying a home also can not be arbitrary, because you also have to choose a home that is in a good environment, free from flood and away from areas prone to criminality.

Finally, when buying a house, the price is a top priority. But if you have enough money to buy a house that is more viable and environmental conditions in accordance with the criteria mentioned above, then feel free to do so.

The house can also be used as an investment for the future, because the house prices will never decline and continues to increase, along with the development of the times.

Buy a new house? Do not Make This Mistake

new house

The location, facilities and specifications of the house is certainly a concern when buying a house. In addition, the relatively cheaper prices can also be a special consideration.

But after buying a house, what else needs to be done? Is simply move to the new house? Simply occupy it?

The reality is not that simple. There are a few things you need to consider in order for you to feel comfortable and not bored at the house. However, some people often make mistakes in this step.

As a result, want to make the house look attractive, but only just a waste of money without results. Or there is that does not care about this, so that the house became uncomfortable.

To avoid these things, you need to avoid some of the following errors:

1. Not Dare Exploring

Either the second or not, of the house that you buy already have their own layout based on the creator’s thoughts of home. Such as where the kitchen, living room, family room, and so on.

But that does not mean you should not be the creation of his own room that you wish to have.

Some rooms such as the living room and the bathroom may not be altered, but the rooms, kitchen, or another room you can move, move according to your needs and desires.

2. Only Focus On Part In Home

Remember, the house you buy will be a package with a patio and rear garden. If you just focus on doing decorations on the interior alone, how can you be comfortable when relaxing?

Rear garden can add greenery, small swings and so on. While the front porch, then you can also make it more comfortable for the guests not only comfortable in the house, but also a terrace with a non-formal atmosphere. You can also add a small gazebo if you like.

3. Paltry In Small Things

Having tired of working, of course the home into a haven that makes you comfortable. So, what if the house had a problem? Eg broken tiles, rotten wood, even the ceiling collapsed.

So do not underestimate the slightest thing, because later it could be a big problem. To instantly repair any damage it when you see there is a problem in your place of residence and do not put it off.

4. Too Haste

Currently has a new home, some people can not wait to direct decorate according to what was envisioned. As a result, a rush actually made things worse. Remember the principle of slow but sure. This is your home, whenever you can decorate it.

Consider some points if you want to do the decoration. Such as price comparison and functions. Rather than regret later on, it would be better if you think of everything in more detail.

Interior decoration Imperfect Without Mirrors

mirror in home

You’ll never look in the mirror. Mirror is a tool to build self-esteem. In the perspective of the interior, the mirror can also be a tool for decoration, as well as assets in the room.

The mirror is placed in a dark room can make lighter, narrow room seem larger, and space becomes dull shine. The mirror can also double the beautiful scenery, turned his attention to objects of interest, and add glamor without appearing gaudy.

In his new book, “Keep It Simple” (Ryland, Peters & Little), Atlanta Bartlett wrote, we can not decorate without mirrors because they offer a brilliant solution to the various problems of interior design.

Here are the perfect places to put a mirror and some usefulness.

1. Bathrooms

Of course, in the bathroom there should be a mirror. The reason, men need this to help shave their mustaches, while the womenfolk need a mirror to help them dress up.

2. As the alignment

If you want to strengthen the already beautiful atmosphere, the mirror is the answer. Placed in the middle of the dining table, mirror trays can serve as a place to put a candle or a plant.

3. On the wall

Large mirror placed on the wall to create the illusion of a more spacious room. Place the mirror vertically on the wall opposite the door of the room.

4. As a unity

You can hang some framed mirror collection, which serves as part of the art. A collection of mirrors that is placed on the surface of the wall can vary the size, style and shape.

5. Change the scenery

If you have a beautiful view from the window of the house, hanging a mirror in the direction opposite to reflect on it.