Tips For Room Decoration

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No matter how thorough your decor, there is one thing that may be forgotten. Actually, the concept is very simple, but often overlooked when decorating. It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness looking for the right furniture, accessories, paint colors and others. I was so busy decorating, you forgot to leave a blank space.

True, the first thing that is missing from many interior decoration is an empty space. The absence of empty space makes the room look cluttered with no spacing between items with each other. As humans, we really crave variety, texture and color, but our eyes also need a place to rest so it does not capture the impression of a cluttered room.

The good thing is, this problem is easily resolved. The solution is not expensive. Have you ever dressed in the morning, look in the mirror and remove one accessory? This can be done also in your home.

According to the international broker Realtor, you have to get rid of half the furniture before you put the house like a market. Try to move or eliminate the large intersected furniture in your living room. Do not be afraid to miss them if the room needs “breathing”. You will find the room much lighter and more spacious.

If you feel something is wrong with the rooms of the house, try lowering one art display, or furniture. Then, see if it makes a difference. Perhaps, you would prefer a room with the little stuff.

How to Paint Wall Color Rainbow

rainbow color paint

Rainbow adorning the blue skies after the rain look so beautiful. Colorful red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet look so harmonious and sweet. It could be, you will create a motif similar to a rainbow in your home.

For those of you who are interested in doing it then you can see how to paint using a tool called Rainbow Roller this. The tool was created by Antzy Carmasaic and can make the process of painting becomes more effective.

Indeed, you can just paint colorful wall by means of paint with different colors alternately. But with Rainbow Roller, you can paint directly on the walls of various colors into the building.

Paint roller combines 10 different colors at once placed in the container sequence. Once you paint it, then the 10 colors is directly attached to the wall to form a rainbow of colors. The trick is simple and interesting to try.

How to Make a Rainbow Roller

Prepare materials such as paint rollers, sponge with absorption medium, acrylic paint of various colors that you like and insulated acrylic glass to pour a paint. Then you form such as Rainbow Roller. For more details, you can listen to the video below!

How to Clean Mobile Phones

mobile clean tips

Try to think about it, wherever you carry your phone in a day? Most of you will answer: of waking up to go to sleep again.

That is, including when you are in a public vehicle, restrooms, and other public locations that are not necessarily regularly cleaned – cleaned were already exposed to the germs of all sorts of people. In short, your mobile phone dirty.

A mobile phone proved to carry germs and bacteria, even particles of feces. So start cleaning habits of mobile phones.

There are several easy and friendly way technology in cleaning your mobile phone:

  • Clean screen mobile phone with a substance should not coarse. Squirt antiseptic cleaner on a microfiber cloth and gently wipe the surface of the mobile phone display.
  • If you do not want to confuse a special formula, use of alcohol and water in the ratio of 40:60 to clean the solid and the keyboard. Use a damp cloth and cotton for parts that are difficult to reach.
  • When you want to clean dust and traces of fingerprints, use scotch tape, adhesive do other more strongly attached.

Doing Garage Sale Tips

garage sale

Do you have a lot of unused stuff but unfortunately to throw? Try principles garage sale. Although the items you lost, but you intake can actually increase. How to do it?

Time determination garage sale

You can make a garage sale at a certain time or just when there is a specific event in your home environment. Place flyers in advance as a form of awareness of your prospective buyers. Write down the information interesting and clear regarding the time, place, day, date and price of goods and will be sold.

Selection of goods

Although you have many items that are not used anymore, but not necessarily all eligible to be sold at a garage sale. Choose in advance which items will sell. Make sure it is suitable to be used and in good condition. If you look a little stuff then invite your relatives or your neighbors that are likely to have goods sold unused to participate in your garage sale.


As the name suggests, garage sale, of course identical to the garage. However the place for garage sale does not always have to be inside the garage. When you will arrange the goods to be sold at a garage sale, Arrange partly goods are inside the garage and partly out of the garage. So that passers-by can see what is going on in your home. Put a banner that said garage sale to attract people’s attention.

Perform 5 About It Every Morning Before Leaving the House

leaving the house tips

Keeping a clean house is important. You need to consider the condition of your home every day. But unfortunately not everyone has a good habit to maintain the cleanliness of their own homes.

Laziness and indifference to the cleanliness of the house should be changed as keeping the house clean every day is something you should be doing. For that, there are things you need to do from now on so that the cleanliness of your house awake.

For example, you should not leave your house fall apart before the start of activity outside the home. However, that does not mean you have to perform clean-up activities throughout the room each morning. But you need to do is a simple truth.

Well, what you need to do every morning before leaving the house? Here refer to the information!

1. Tidy Beds

Once you wake up, the first thing you should do is make a bed. You need to tidy up the bed linen, pillows, bolsters and blankets folded. It is a good habit that you need to do.

2. Dry Floor Bathroom

After bathing, it is important to wipe the water on the bathroom floor. Let your bathroom floor wet will only allow fungi and bacteria multiply faster. So, do not leave your bathroom floor wet.

3. Drying your towels

Sometimes, there are people who put a wet towel on the bed. Never like that.

This can lead to mold growth in the towel and on your bed. So, hang a towel on a hook or towel drying in the sun so as not to cause a damp smell.

4. Dispose of Waste

Dispose of garbage peel vegetables and fruits from your kitchen. Throw it in the trash outside the home because of the store all day in the kitchen of your home will attract unwanted animals, such as cockroaches, mice and ants that can contaminate your home.

5. Wash Dishes in sink

In addition, wash all utensils in the sink. Put stuff in the sink would invite cockroaches and mice to your home. Do things such as a good habit every morning before leaving the house!

How to NDT Testing Method Dye penetrant

penetrant testing

Dye penetrant (liquid penetrant) is a defect inspection on the use of the principle of capillarity on liquids. Its working principle is to penetrate the open defects on the surface of the object. Non Destructive Testing using penetrant fluids can be used in ferrous and non ferrous objects, conductors and non-conductors, magnetic and non-magnetic, and all alloy and plastic. Weakness nondestructive testing with this method is the detection of defects can only be done on the surface of the specimen.

Common procedures performed on this test include:

a. Cleaning early (pre-cleaning)

The surface of the test material must be cleaned in advance of dirt that will prevent the entry of liquid penetrating into the defect. Surfaces must be free of paint, dirt, crust, varnishes, oils, fillings, lubricants, oxide, wax, rust, machining fluids, and the rest of the previous penetrant inspection.

A good cleaning procedure will remove all contaminants from the test object and not leave remnants that can interfere with the inspection process. The means used to pre-dry, among others:

  • Detergents (detergent)
  • Steam grease remover (vapor degreasing)
  • Steam cleaners (steam cleaning)
  • Substances cleaning solvent (dry solvent)
  • Cleaning with ultrasonic (ultrasonic cleaning)
  • In the etching (etching)

b. The use of liquid penetrant

Once the surface has been cleaned and dried thoroughly, penetrant materials used by spraying, rubbing, or dipping the specimen into a tub of penetrant.

After use penetrant, it takes some time for the liquid penetrant really seep into the defect. The time it takes liquid penetrant that can seep into the so-called penetrant flaw time / penetrant dwell time. The time needed usually ranges between 5-60 minutes.

c. Eliminating residual penetrant

Excess residual penetrant on the surface of the specimen, must be removed as small as possible. Cleaning is done in different ways depending on the type of penetrant used.

Types use liquid penetrant can be categorized based on the type of cleaner is used, which can be cleaned with a solvent and which can be cleaned with water. Penetrant cleaner types including Water-washable, Solvent-removable, post-emulsifiable lipophilic and hydrophilic post-emulsifiable.

d. Drying

After the process of removing the liquid penetrant done, the drying process should be carried out with hot air is blown with a blower where the temperature should not exceed 225ยบ F.

e. The use of substances developers (developers)

To draw the liquid penetrant testing that surfaced used liquid developers. Type of developers there are two types of liquid and dry type. Developer liquid type made of powder dissolved in water and volatile solvent. Developer substances must be white in order to provide color contrast to liquid penetrant, so defects will be obvious.

Dry type developer substances commonly used for liquid penetrant fluorescent types while the liquid developer used in liquid penetrant contrasting color. The use of liquid developer is shown in the figure below:

f. Interpretation of disability

Interpretation of defects that arise should be done as soon as possible after the visible indications of the developer substance. To get the good interpretation on liquid penetrant inspection method must be done on the type of fluorescent dark room with the aid of ultraviolet light (black light).